Friday, 19 June 2015

My Tahiti Shawl is finished plus flowers on my balcony garden

Welcome back, my friends!

In my last blog post yesterday I told you that I wanted to finish my Tahiti Shawl as soon as possible. Well, I put in a lot of crochet time both yesterday (whilst watching the gripping Season Finale of Wolven (a crime series here in Belgium) plus some more this morning and I'm happy to say that I finished it mid morning! Yippee!!!

My Tahiti Shawl

19.06.15 Finished Tahiti Shawl

Warning: Lots of photos to follow below.....

19.06.15 Morning - I still had to do more rows
The finished Shawl - note the spacing of the stripes!

Happy with the result
Stitch pattern

Here is a quick visual comparison between the Tahiti Shawl and the Minty Shawl - both from the same pattern. You can read more about the Minty Shawl in my blog post here.

Tahiti vs Minty Shawl

                                                           Tahiti                                   Minty

 Finished sizes:                              188 x 63 cm                          154 x 23 cm
                                                                                                        (without tassels)

Balcony Garden

Today the weather is cooler again, at least yesterday we had some more sun, but the temperatures were not great... Never mind, that way we get to appreciate the hotter weather when it returns! ;)

The good news is that the recent heatwave has helped my plants to grow more, and I'm happy to see a bit more colour again!

Here are a few photos to show what is flowering now...

Pink Roses
Oxalis (Clover) and Gladioli planted a few weeks ago
Flowering Succulent Sempervivum
Red Rose
Blue White Lupins plus Thyme and Lavender

Hope you enjoyed reading this quick post! If you got the time, why not leave me a little note?
Have you planted anything recently? 


  1. Wauw, I love the colours you used. Your Tahiti shawl looks georgeous. Have a nice Friday.

    Sweet greetings,

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks! The Tahiti yarn by Schachenmayer is variegated, the colours keep changing. I only used one 'colour' - take a look at this image: - it shows the colourway I used: pink, peach, lilac and purple shades alternating! Enjoy your weekend! :) xx

  3. Beautiful shawl, the colours are lovely. I have lots of pots growing on the patio, lots of lavender pots for the beautiful smell.

    1. Hello Lorraine, thank you! Is it hard to grow the potatoes on the balcony? Do you use grobags or planters? I also got lavender, which I love! :) xx

  4. Wow, you did really well getting that done!!! It looks great! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! Have a lovely weekend! :) xx

  5. Wow the shawl is gorgeous! I love the colours :) I've been thinking about making a shawl but as i'm technically on a yarn diet I might have to wait until I have suitable yarn.... The balcony garden looks great, hydrangeas are my favourite plant at the moment! x

    1. Hi Helen! You might want to look at my previous post where I used different balls of cotton yarn and combined it in another shawl - you might not necessarily buy new yarn but use some you already have! Have a nice weekend! :) xx

  6. That shawl is so beautiful. I would gladly give you some of the heat we have going on in Florida. It is so hot and humid out. Want to share?

    1. Hi Meredith! Yes please!!! ;) Though we probably could do without the humidity... Enjoy your weekend - have plenty of cool drinks!! xx

  7. Shawls are a strong favourite always. I think I use them every day troughout the year. Enjoy your balcony

  8. Your shawl is so pretty !!! I love the colors .... Enjoy your balcony ! Have a creative day !

    1. Thanks, Geraldine! And you... I love the shawl you are knitting at the moment! :) xx

  9. OMG! I can't believe you have planted oxalis in a pot as it is a terrible weed here in South Australia!! Funny!

  10. Wow, thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! I love your blog! Wow, I wish I could knit like you, I'm hopeless at it, but your crochet too is just amazing and what a beautiful country you live in! Love from Australia.