Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mochilabag Crochet - a new funkycrochet adventure courtesy of Femma

Hello my lovely blog friends,

For those of you who already follow me on instagram, you will have noticed my current crochet obsession!!!

For the rest of you, I am going to tell you a bit more about it here!

Mochila Bag

Last week I attended the first part of a three part crochet course (to make a mochila bag) in one of the neighbouring villages (in Aartselaar). It was hosted through FEMMA (the same organisation that hosted the clothes upcycling workshop I went to last year).

This was the first time I had to pay for learning new crochet skills (if you disregard buying crochet books), but it was great to have a teacher there.

We had a choice of three different models, you can see them in colour on this page here.

Mochila comes from the Spanish and means backpack, rucksack.

The practice of making these very colourful crochet bags comes from Latin America.

Check out google images of Mochila Bags.

Well, I won't keep you waiting any more, here are the photos which chronicle my work these last few days.





Yesterday afternoon was the second workshop. I took some pictures. This is our teacher with her bag model (leopard print). She has also made a ribbon string to go through the holes to tighten/fasten the bag, plus a long shoulderstrap which you cannot see in this photo because they are not attached yet.

The diameter of her bag is 20cm and it is about 30 cm high.

The diameter of my bag is 27-28 cm and therefore my bag will be bigger overall.

You can also see some of the lovely ladies of this Femma group working alongside me.

Here in the photo below you can see how my pattern along the side is now progressing.
Today I started using different colours. The side is about 6cm high now.

Day 9 Mochila Bag

Well, I hope you enjoyed the many photos! I'm going to continue chronicling them on instagram, as before. I had many lovely and encouraging comments (Thank you all!)

And if you want to leave a comment below, then you know how I look forward to them!!!

Monday, 8 February 2016

My Blue and Pink Southbay Shawlette is finished

Hello and welcome back,

Over a week ago I had finished my latest South Bay Shawlette.

(You can read a little bit more about it in my previous post)

This one is a very large Shawl, it measures  200 cm wide x 105 cm high.

I used more than 3 x 50g Rowan Kid silk Haze Stripe yarn and 3.5 x 100g Arne and Carlos Sock yarn. It weighs approx. 507g.

It feels fuzzy and fluffy due to the high Mohair and Silk content.
It will definitely keep me very warm!

Here are the photos!

Nearly 1 m wide

Finished size - 2m wide x over 1m long

I'm very pleased with the result!

This is such a useful shawl pattern. Do you have a favourite crochet pattern? Or a knitted shawl pattern?

Please let me know! Looking forward to your comments!!!