Friday, 29 April 2016

Free crochet pattern: 10001 Triangle shawl

Hello my blog friends,

10001 Triangle shawl

Today just a short post as I will be visiting my family in Germany.

There are so many great crochet patterns out there, sometimes it is difficult to choose. The other day I came across this lovely shawl via pinterest and followed the link back to Ravelry here.

You will find that the pattern is free to download from the website :

If you are confused - you need to click on this on their page (not here): Please use this link to download pattern.

There is a lovely photo tutorial to go along with it, and the shawl is shown in a single colour and with contrasting colours.

Since I easily get excited by beautiful patterns, I thought I would try to make a little swatch to see if I liked it and if it was difficult to do.

It is definitely not difficult, there is always one row of chains and V-stitches, alternated by a row of shells.

It makes for an incredible regular looking pattern with a beautiful geometry to it!

PS: you could also convert this triangle into a square....

As you can see, I used a simple variegated cotton yarn which I had to hand. So the colour runs in irregular ways. I think it would look great in alternating colours (the downside would be the ends to be sewn up later!).

I think this version looks great:

I'm surprised that this shawl has not been made more often so far. I have already added it to my favourites....

Have you found a pattern recently that you like and want to share (with links please)?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bookazine review: Simply Haekeln - Fantastische Haekelmode Sonderheft April 2016 plus get a free Crochet eBook

Hello my dear Blog Friends,

Thanks for all your lovely recent comments and encouragement. I'm so glad you like to visit here!

Fantastische Haekelmode

Today I want to give you a little review about one of my recent book and magazine purchases.

Disclaimer: I bought this bookazine myself whilst in Germany, nobody is sponsoring me to write this review! (I wish!)

I realise that not all of you are German speaking, so I have researched the patterns and found you relevant links. (Also I might be interested to know whether there is an equivalent English edition of the Simply crochet bookazines, you might find some of the identical patterns perhaps. Can you help?)

I have taken some photos of the summary pages and also a few of the patterns that I like best and might want to make!

The cover shows a woman wearing a triangle shawl (more later), plus 6 further photos of different patterns. They are all patterns suitable for Spring.

In total there are 33 patterns inside this bookazine, which is very good value for money. The price of the magazine is Euro 9.95 (approx. £7-8). I noticed on the Ravelry site that some of the individual patterns cost around $5 or so, which makes me happy that I followed my impulse to get this magazine!

Inside the magazine are sections for each type of pattern. The First one is Fashion for both children/babies and Women.

The next section is callers Accessories and shows a number of shawls, bags, hats, socks and ear rings.

There is another section for Home accessories, such as a table cloth, a motif for applique, a pretty granny square, hacky sacks and a bike basket.

Here I will share with you some of my absolute favourites from this magazine. There are plenty to choose from!

I have added the designers' names under each picture, you might recognise some of them, they are pretty well known.

Take Robyn Chachula, for example. Check out her amazing designs here on her Ravelry page.

Likewise, Kristin Ohmdahl, Ravelry link here!

And here is Kathy Merrick.

Warning: Once you look at these Ravelry links of each designer, you will start to swoon and want to add practically everything to your making wish list!!! They are brilliant!

I recently bought a book by Robyn Chachula, I must share that with you another time.....

So you see, buying such a bookazine might be a great idea to find out about designers you didn't know before and Ravelry can help you find further designs by them.

Also a magazine is pretty portable to carry around with your project.

The funkycrochet Round-up of favourite patterns!

 This first jacket is called Ventura Vest.
Robyn Chachula

This sleeveless cardigan is named Winkle Vest
Tracy St John

The next one is called Petal pullover, Ravelry link here.
Robyn Chachula

This beautiful shawl is Corona Borealis
Kathy Merrick

Here is the Honeycomb shawl
Kathy Merrick

A beautiful and colourful granny square: Ripples on a Coral Reef. Read more about it below!!!
Victoria Hewerdine Thornton

This lovely shawl is called Foxglove Wrap.
Robyn Chachula

And this Cover star is called Wisteria Shawl
Kristin Ohmdahl

How to get a free eBook of 20 granny square patterns for FREE!

As for the Granny Square above, I have just found out (good job I was looking up each link for you!) that this motif is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD! How is that for you?

Not only that, but if you follow the link (which leads you to the Crochet Me website where you need to register for free, but trust me, this is a great website for discovering lots of fantastic pattern, I was already subscribed to them before this) - you will find that not only can you download this lovely granny square pattern, no, you will get a fantastic eBook (32 pages) with a total of 20 granny square patterns which can be made into a blanket called the Chain Reaction Afghan. I just downloaded my copy!

This is the free eBook and all the 20 different crochet squares shown on the cover are included
(Photo copyright Interweave Crochet and Crochet Me website)

A special Thank you to my friend Jodie from Lupey Loops who urged me to write something about the books and magazines I showed you recently! I'm so happy to do this and I finally found the time to share this with you!

So, what would be your favourite pattern of the ones shown above and why? Please leave your comments, I would be very interested to hear which ones you like best.

And the second question to you all is this: which one do you think I have already started to make last Friday??? (it was love at first sight! I was hooked, hahaha!!!)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Alpaca Windowpane Crochet Cowl

Welcome back!

Today I can show you my finished Alpaca Windowpane Cowl. I finished it on Monday evening and was very pleased that I can wear it now. Although the weather is getting warm here, it can still be chilly when it gets windy and also late in the evening.

My Alpaca Windowpane Cowl

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you might remember my recent post here where I mentioned this project the first time.

But before that I had already made another Windowpane cowl from cotton yarn, find that post here.

So this is my second version of the Windowpane cowl.

I used Drops Alpaca wool and a 3.5cm hook. This yarn is so soft and has a beautiful drape. I know I would love to use it for other projects.

In total I used 4x 50g balls which resulted in a cowl 127cm circumference x 31cm wide. There are 25 rows of 'windows'.

In comparison, the first windowpane cowl I made from pure cotton has got a similar size, but weighs double - around 400g!

I love the beautiful teal colour (not easy to photograph).


Here you can see both cowls side by side:

 Cotton Windowpane Cowl.                         Alpaca Windowpane Cowl.

This is such a nice project to work on. Of course you can also work this pattern in a vertical scarf.

You can find the pattern as a free download here on Ravelry. It is rows of half trebles alternating with rows of trebles and chains, a very easy pattern. And it looks so amazing!

Please feel free to let me know what you think, would you make your own version?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Finished project: Lion's Foot Crochet Flower Stitch Scarf

Hello my lovely blog friends,

Another week has started, where does the time go? Hope you all had a nice weekend. And a quick shout out to my newest followers, thanks for joining in!

I can now reveal my finished Flower Stitch Scarf, I have first blogged about it in this post here.

Lion's Foot Crochet Flower Stitch Scarf




In the end I used 5 x balls of the cotton mix yarn which resulted in 6 long strands of flowers which were crocheted together as you work on the flowers.

The yarn is variegated and has subtle shades ranging from white to a deep pink. I didn't block the scarf which would have made it wider, but instead preferred the natural elasticity.

The finished size is 168 cm long and 28 cm wide. Long enough to wear wrapped around the neck or as a long shawl.

The scarf feels very soft and light! Great for Spring and Summer!

It will be a gift for my mum on her upcoming Birthday!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think! I look forward to your comments!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Dutch Pancakes, a little Crochet Brooch and pretty bead necklaces on a Friday

Hello dear Blog Friends,

Hope you had a good week and are ready for a relaxing weekend?

A warm welcome to my latest new followers, yes, that means you!!! :)

As you may have realised from my last blog entry, I often thrive on happy coincidences, when suddenly two or more things come together at the same time, resulting in new creativity!

First: A little flower brooch (crocodile stitch)

This is a quick and easy project, that will put a little fun back into your crochet when you are working on a very loooooooong project that just seems to go on forever. I find the best way is to indulge yourself once in a while and do something quick, it sparks up those brain cells!

For those of you who are interested how to make such a crocodile stitch flower (brooch), check out one of my previous posts here!

Here is the finished brooch!

You see that the petals are in different colours/shades of orange, red and purple. This is because the yarn is Lang Mille Colori Baby Merino wool which changes colour. It is one of my favourite yarns and there are many different colour combinations!

So a variegated yarn looks more colourful, but you could also make one in just a single colour to pin onto your favourite jacket! Why not pick some pretty spring colours that will contrast/complement your outfit?

This is also a great project for little yarn leftovers!

I also noticed on another blog yesterday check it out here, Lorraine was showing some interesting craft books, some mention embellishments and buttons - well you can see above that I also get a nice button collection (by colour) so it was fun to pick out a pretty button to go with the flower.

So - you see it will also make use of your button stash!

I added a little felt circle with a brooch pin on the back so it will fasten well. Voilà! Finished!

Secondly: Dutch Pancakes

Yesterday I was in the mood for pancakes, and by happy coincidence I came across this recipe link for Dutch pancakes.

Basically it says to bake your pancake mix in the oven in small muffin tins or similar. For my English friends this may ring a bell! Well, it's almost like Yorkshire Puddings, but not quite!

I must admit I didn't follow the recipe instructions from scratch, purely because I had cheat ingredients in the house already! (Cheeky, I know!)

I used Dr Oetker Waffle Mix and Forest Blueberry Jam which may have saved a minute or two (=more time for crochet).

The main thing to remember: heat your muffin tin in the oven with some fat (I used coconut oil), make sure the fat is sizzling hot. Add your batter quickly into the fat and return to oven. I used an electric mixer to get the batter nice and smooth, I also added 4 eggs plus a sachet of vanilla sugar - this is what makes the dough so custardy and gooey!

Don't overfill the tin, half to three quarter full is plenty! Mine rose beautifully!

Dish up quickly, add Icing sugar and your blueberry jam/sauce! Eat with gusto!

I was pretty much pleased with the result, they looked very much like those from the recipe (these are my own photos!) and tasted delicious!

PS: they may not be exactly authentic 'Dutch' pancakes - I invite my Dutch readers to comment on the differences! (I only know 'poffertjes' which are tiny puffy pancakes but I am ignorant on how these are made!)

Dutch pancakes with Forest Blueberry Jam

Thirdly: Seed bead Necklaces

And after that, I made a couple of quick seedbead necklaces which was fun! (and a bit fiddly with those tiny beads, but hey, I like a challenge!)

Crocodile Crochet Flower Brooch and Seed bead Necklaces

Later on, normal crochet service was resumed. I kept working on my Teal coloured Alpaca Cowl which is growing nicely.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and wishing you all a happy (creative) weekend!
Get those buttons and yarns ends out and make something!!!

As always, I love to hear from you, so why not leave a little comment below. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Thank you so much!