Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Purple and Knitting - Totally Triangular Scarf

Hello dear blog friends,

Hope you had a nice weekend? Here the weather has been very good*, so we visited my youngest daughter and went for a nice long walk in Gentbrugge, but outside the city, walking in the country side.

Thanks again for all your kind comments about my latest project, I enjoyed reading them.

After concentrating so hard on my recent Rainbow Bubble Gum Shawl, I did little bits here and there on my other crochet wips, but nothing really grabbed me.

It was a recent comment by Jodie from the blog https://lupeyloops.blogspot.be  that sparked off something new in me. I had been reading how she was making crochet scarves from mohair yarn. I have got some wonderful Rowan Kid silk Haze mohair which I treasure! It's as soft as a feather!

Then I happened to come across this designer : Leah Michelle of leahmichelledesigns.com. You can find her also on Ravelry under http://www.ravelry.com/designers/michelle-krause . I think I found the ideal garter stitch scarf!!!

The scarf/shawl that I have started to knit is called:

Totally Triangular Scarf

You can find a direct link to the free pattern page here. In total there are 5 simple knitting patterns that you can find on her website for free : 3x shawls, 1x hat, 1x Cowl.

These are very easy patterns, great for beginners! :) I highly recommend that you take a look!

I only have got a single 25g ball of Rowan Kidslik Haze Eclipse in a lovely purple colour. I wanted to make one of these garter stitch scarves/shawls where you get to use the entire ball by weighing your yarn during the project, you keep increasing until you used half the yarn, then you start to decrease! No more guess work!!

Whilst the pattern is easy, I find it takes concentration to keep track of which row you are in, for example when you get interrupted etc. So I am writing this down. I also got a nifty row counter thing!

I learnt something new: the scarf is made in garter stitch (Knit every row), but the last stitch (edge) is purled, not knitted. Then the first stitch of the new row needs to be slipped onto the needle. This makes a wonderful edge, I really like it.

I don't have much to show yet, here are a couple of photos, the first one shows the first 62 rows (which I did last night), the second one my progress since (up to row 109 today). It's about 46 cm long x 24 cm wide. Due to the slow increases the scarf will be narrow and long in shape.

I am using the mohair yarn double with large 6mm needles. I knit nice and loosely, it makes for a good flexible fabric! What is more, this yarn has got a little bit of a glitter thread and it has a wonderful fuzzy 'halo'.

Row 62
Row 109
I love how this yarn goes so well with the pattern - purple perfection!!!

And, coincidence or not, I finally got a pretty purple Lupin flower which I only photographed yesterday in the light of the evening sun!

My purple Lupin flower

Hope you enjoyed reading this, perhaps it has given you some new ideas? You might want to do a crochet version perhaps? (I know there are quite a few to be found on Ravelry!

* Since starting to write this, we just had 3 hefty rain showers here, so I'm off now to start singing 'Purple Rain, Purple Rain...'

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  1. We seem to be seeing a lot of rain at the moment too. Love the yarn a beautiful shade of purple and will make a great shawl.

  2. it is always great when you find the right pattern fro the right yarn especially if you already have it. it is going to be great. Jo x

    1. Yes, not everything goes together! Thanks, Jo! xx

  3. Thanks for sharing strangely I'm knitting at the moment in the evenings and it has to be garter stitch , I will definately use the one you are used . I love your bubble gum shawl .

    1. Yes, I think there is something relaxing about an easy knitting pattern (and the same goes for a repetitive crochet pattern)! :) Glad you love my bubble gum shawl, Helda! I had such fun making it! xx

  4. Beautiful lupin flower! I had lupins but they didn't want to grow in our garden. But I still love them!
    I think the shape of the flower is similar to your scarf at the moment :-)
    So, good choice of pictures ;-)
    Looking forward to see how your scarf grows further,
    Take care,

    1. I love my lupins, but they are prone to attracting these little green bugs which try to eat up my plants! Every year I keep harvesting the seeds so I can sow more the next year. It's a shame they don't prosper in your garden, maybe try growing them in a container/plant pot instead? (that's what I do). The scarf will not be very big, since I'm using only one ball of yarn, but I think I will use this pattern again another time! xx

  5. Lovely. I wish it were cool enough for a scarf here.

    1. Thanks, Amalia! Here it has cooled down quite a lot due to more rain, so a scarf can be quite useful! xx

  6. Happy knitting! Enjoy it! The yarn is lovely. xx

    1. Thanks, Amy! I managed to finish my scarf this afternoon and have already worn it, it's really soft! xx

  7. It looks lovely and elegant! Purple is one of my fav colours :) I'm trying to learn how to knit again, I'll have to try the patterns! xx

  8. I love that shawl so simple and so classically beautiful. Have fun,

  9. What a wonderful shawl! The color will suit you well and I hope it brings you joy during your hospital stay!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. Congratulations on finishing your scarf! I'm interested to find out the final dimensions. I know that those 25 g of silk mohair usually have a lot of length but you were using two strands together and that will make a difference.

    Loose stitches will give your scarf extra warmth - open spaces to trap warm air between the wisps of mohair.

    I am yet to sample Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. I discovered that Katia has a silk mohair of a similar make up to Rowan. They are both 70% mohair 30% silk. I usually use Alchemy Haiku which has a bit more silk in the mix. Does your Kidsilk have glitter in it or is it the sheen of the silk itself that makes it sparkle?

    Thank you for mentioning me and thank you to everyone who came to visit Lupey Loops. I hope to post details of my latest silk mohair scarf designs very soon.

    Like you, Ingrid, I like purples (even though none of my latest scarves have purple this time). I agree with Sigrid that the shape and colour of your scarf mimic your lupin flower.

    I'm swooning just thinking of the softness of silk mohair scarves - I know you will be loving your 'purple perfection'.

    Enjoy! xx