Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hello Spring! Travels through Germany, Visit to a Bison Wildlife Park

Welcome back to another new week, dear blog friends!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend, finally we had some Spring sunshine!!!

First of all, thank you so much for all your lovely blog comments, they are much appreciated and I always love reading them. Your encouragement and enthusiasm helps to drive me on to new things!

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You might have seen from some of my recent replies to your comments that I have been away last weekend. We went on a trip to the east part of Germany - to a place called Altenburg. We go there every year as there is a music festival which we visit.

On our drive home, we passed a town called Schwalmstadt-Treysa where we had a delicious lunch.
This is a picture of the town hall, you can see that the sun wasn't shining that warmly but nevertheless people enjoyed sitting outside and having ice creams!

If you are interested, you can find more info about Schwalmstadt here!
It seemed a nice town geared towards tourists and visitors with restaurants and many shops.

Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig (Bad Berleburg)

Back on the road, I noticed a sign for a wildlife park, so we decided to follow it! After about 20km cross country drive we finally got there!

It was for Wisent which is the German name for Wild Bison. At one time they became nearly extinct. Therefore conservationists are working to bring them back.

Wild Bison at Wisent Welt - Photo copyright Wisent Welt

I took some photos, but unfortunately the bison were pretty far from the fences. Their habitat was very large.

From the wildlife park wisent welt website you can find a lovely picture gallery and even videos. The site and entire communication on there is in German, but you might find it interesting nevertheless.

Apparently this Wildlife Park is unique in Europe - letting the bison roam through woodland. There are no cages! However, there is a large fence that protects the animals.

The visitors have to hike across uneven terrain through pine forests, there are no fortified footpaths as such. Part of the fun is exploration and discovery. It is very hilly.


Last, not least, if you are interested in more information here is a Link for Wikipedia.

I hope you enjoyed this travel post today. There will be more crochet news soon again, I promise!

Have you ever been to a wildlife park? Which animals did you see? Where was this?


  1. What a beautiful place to visit, it is a long time since we have visited Germany but we really di love it there such beautiful scenery.

  2. Thank you, Lorraine! I loved driving through there. There are still so many corners of my own country where I haven't been to! And to have found this wildlife park by chance was amazing! Have a nice weekend! xx

  3. Hi just found your blog via Helen Philips.
    You are very inspirational loads of ideas that you share. Germany looks lovely what a beautiful country. I split my time between England and Spain.
    Have a nice week l will be popping back soon.

    1. Hi Jacky and welcome! That is true! I love the countryside. And I do miss England with it's rolling fields. Here in Belgium, where I love the countryside tends to be very flat!! It's such a contrast.
      Thanks for visiting! :) xx

  4. Beautiful post today Ingrid, so glad you had a lovely trip.

    1. Thanks, Meredith! Glad you enjoyed it! xx

  5. What an educational post - I had no idea that bison were native animals of Germany. It is always exciting to see wild animals close up. Thanks for the tour! :-)