Thursday, 28 August 2014

Single Motif Doily by Emma Lamb and some knitting WIP

Hello, welcome back, hope you are having a good week so far?

Time has been flying by, it seems, so I thought I do a quick update on what I have been doing and making!

But first I want to thank all of you reading this blog for your kind support and lovely comments! Also, I want to welcome some new readers! Happy that you managed to find me amongst a huge number of blogs! I really appreciate you taking the time to take a look here and I do hope you will find some little nuggets of interesting things!

Single Motif Doily by Emma Lamb

I have to thank Mirjam (or Stins, as she likes to be known) for giving me a little challenge! (You can read her lovely blog here! She even has got crafty cats!) You see, I was admiring her colourful doilies and she thought that I should give it a go!

Turns out the pattern is by the talented  Emma Lamb, published in Mollie Makes Crochet (book).

The original pattern is made with just 3 colours, but you know me, I love colours, so I managed to squeeze in an extra one!

The pattern and how I made it
Made with DMC Natura Just Cotton
Single Motif Doily - Finished!!!

I started this last night, managed to make it to the Turquoise ring and then gave it some rest. This morning I went back to it, and once I could see how the lacy bits were going, continued, at snails' pace or so it seemed to me. The trouble was not the pattern (I'm still learning this skill, so far I hardly followed patterns!), but the yarn iself. Natura is a lovely looking Cotton, very thin (use 2.5-3.5 mm hook, I used a 3mm) and apparently available in 60 colours by now. I bought a few balls only a year ago, but never made much with it. My problem is that the yarn always splits, practically with every stitch, which to me is no fun at all. Anyway, I got there in the end! And I really love how it looks! However, I shelved the plan to make a whole family of them... That is for another day!!!


The thick and squishy Scarf that I started knitting with Boston  (the yarn I bought on Monday) is coming along nicely, by now I'm on the 5th ball of yarn, so it will be finished soon. I'm using a single rib stich (k1, p1). I love the feeling of it, so thick and soft. I hope my son will love wearing it! I think this would also make the most amazing warm blanket, but who knows how much yarn it would require!!!

The thick Scarf I started knitting since Monday


I finish with a short glimpse of my latest project, which I started early evening (tonight). I spent ages working out a design on little squared paper. I couldn't wait to get started! All this drawing was making me itching to turn it into reality! Can you guess what I'm making?

Mystery WIP
And that's all for now! Over to you.... just leave a little comment, you know you want to! (And I love reading them!) Are you ready for the weekend? (Have a lovely one!) Now I must go and catch up reading your entertaining and interesting blogs in return, where did the time go!!!


  1. Love that doily, great colors and that scarf look so soft. Hugs to you and have a great weekend,

  2. You too, Meredith!!! Hope things are settling down a bit more for you now! R-E-L-AAAAAAA-X!!!!

  3. Pretty and colourful doily :-)! Fun to make, isn't it?
    Are you making socks? Love from Mirjam.

    1. Hi! No, not making socks (I don't know how to, as yet!). Imagine something bigger! The wool is in 250g balls, I guess that is not obvious in the photo!

      Yeah, I love the result of the doily! Pretty sure I might make some more! xx

  4. Wonderful scarf and a great doily, love the colours. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love your doiley colors!! Have a nice day, Groetjes Lisanne

  6. The knitted scarf looks nice already! With this kind of weather I reckon you get to put it to good use very soon! :-)

    Take care

    1. Thank you, Anne! It's going to be a birthday present for my son, he will be 21 soon! :) xx

  7. Your squishy scarf is a nice masculine colour - I am sure it will get a lot of wear, especially if it feels so scrumptious - pity we cannot get the texture through the computer screen.
    Only 3 colours? Let's make it 4 or 5! I love your attitude. :-)

    1. Thanks Jodie! Yes, it's a shame, isn't it? It's partly the yarn (there are also 4 colours in there: purple, turquoise, a mid green and a lighter seafoam green colour) and the fact that I'm using big needles (9mm) when the recommended size is 7-8mm, so the stitches are bigger, but also the fact that when knitting a single rib the stitches get pulled together next to each other making the layer thicker = squishy!!!

      Yes, you guessed it, one can always add some more colours! I totally love all variegated yarns where you get lots of colours in one skein, such as Noro! I think nice colours cheer people up!

      I'm a failed minimalist or a successful maximalist, hahaha! :)

  8. You doily looks lovely. It's horrible when the yarn keeps splitting. It makes the work really slow. That looks like a great chunky scarf for your son.

    1. Thanks, Gillian! I wish yarns came with an added warning label: This yarn will split easily! Only use if you have a calm disposition! ;)