Saturday, 23 July 2016

Out of hospital

Dear blog friends,

This will be a hard blog post for me to write. Not just because of the subject matter itself, but also due to the fact that I can only use my left hand and I am naturally right handed.

Well I will do my best. What happened is this: last Saturday I fell down the entire staircase. With the result of breaking my right arm in 2 places - the wrist and the elbow.

I was admitted to hospital and received treatment. My arm had to be operated upon and a plate and pins inserted. The wound is fastened with over 20 metal staples and my arm to be kept immobile.

I was allowed to leave hospital on Wednesday.

Next week I will receive a plaster cast. There is still a lot of swelling. My right side of the body took the impact so there is a lot of bruising still.

My partner has taken over my care.

For me it means lots of rest and coping with the pain.

I'm pretty much devastated that this has happened now, but of course there is never a good time. I was so full of new ideas and projects. I only started a new crochet shawl the day before my accident.

I know that it was only right to tell you about it, so you would understand that the next weeks will be very different. I cannot use my right hand.

Thank you all for your support - sorry if I cannot acknowledge each comment individually.


  1. Mensch Ingrid, das sind ja gar keine schönen Neuigkeiten, was für ein Mist :-(. Fühl Dich gedrückt! Natürlich ganz vorsichtig ;-). Ich wünsch Dir von Herzen gute & baldige Besserung! Alles Gute, Nata

  2. Ach du liebe Zeit! Wie fürchterlich! Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, wie es dir geht. Leider wird es einige Wochen dauern, bis du wieder zur Häkel- oder Stricknadel greifen kannst. Verzage bitte nicht, diese Zeit geht auch vorbei!
    Fühle dich gedrückt, gute Besserung und alles Liebe,

  3. Gute Besserung auch von mir, Ingrid. Hoffentlich heilt dein Arm nach diesem schlimmen Sturz schnell und die Schmerzen lassen bald nach. Viele liebe Grüße, Birgit

  4. I hope it will heal up soon Ingrid! It's horrible to temporarily lose function of a limb... sending good vibes to you!

  5. Oh Ingrid! How awful! Take good care of yourself. A big hug.

  6. Hallo Ingrid,wat een vreselijk ongeluk, ik hoop dat je snel zal herstellen. Hoelang moet je die plaaster houden? Laat me weten of je graag een bezoekje hebt, dan kom ik eens langs! Lieve groetjes

  7. I know it will be hard not to be complete to do things !! but You are alive and it is the greatest thing!!!
    Have a good recovery!!! and see your projects soon!

  8. Oh Ingrid, I am so sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident and the pain & immobility you're experiencing. This has to be so very difficult for such a creative soul! So grateful though that you didn't injure your head so (although small comfort right now) you can still conjure up tons of ideas and someone can help you write them down. You will heal with time and with time you'll get caught up on all your projects. Our healing thoughts are with you!

  9. Oh neeeee!! Wat een ontzettende pech dat je zo gevallen bent!! Wat zal dat pijn doen... Heel veel sterkte en beterschap gewenst! Extra vervelend dat je nu een tijd niet kunt haken, maar hopelijk heb je ook wat plezier van lezen of tv kijken ofzoiets... Doe rustig aan! Groetjes van mij

  10. Oh nee, wat een vervelend ongeluk!!! Wat heftig. En dan nu niet je ding kunnen doen is heel vervelend. Neem de tijd om goed te genezen, wij wachten wel. Heel veel sterkte komende periode!!! Groetjes Sandra

  11. I am so sorry to hear of your accident! I know how devastating it can be for someone as creative as yourself to be UNABLE to do that which helps you to relax!
    Rest assured, your supporters will be patient and wait until you are able to come back all healed and ready to go.
    In the meantime, please take care of yourself - do what the doctors tell you to do - and NEVER TRY TO OVERDO! That will only make your healing take much longer - and could, possibly, cause permanent damage.
    I've been in your position - being unable to use my 'dominant' (right) hand. And I KNOW how difficult even every day tasks can be. Though it can sometimes be difficult to ask for help all the time, DO SO - and do not worry about it. Sounds like you are fortunate in having someone to help you out. I know if the positions were reversed and you were the one able to help, you would gladly do so. So, for now, DO accept that help and do NOT EVER try to overdo. Allow that arm plenty of time to heal completely BEFORE you even try to do anything with it. It is URGENT that you do that.
    Our prayers for your complete recovery! By the way, the rest of that bruising is also your body's way of telling you that those bruised areas are also injured and need TIME to heal.
    Take care....we WILL WAIT FOR YOU!
    All the best! And don't overdo with your left hand, either - because that could cause that arm/hand to also hurt - because you are asking it to do things to which it is unaccustomed.

  12. Hello Ingrid, so sorry to hear about your wrist! It must be so totally sad not to be able to do something and having so many creative ideas at the same time. I hope that you will be better very soon and that you find other inspiring things to do in the meantime. Get well soon!
    Best wishes, Annemarie

  13. HUgs and all good thoughts to you. Gentle hugs of course!

  14. So sorry to hear about your fall, you poor thing. Hope you are able to manage the pain and are mobile again soon. Take care and have a well deserved rest.

  15. I am glad to hear you are out of the hospital. Fingers crossed that the arm will heal well and soon!!!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  16. Hi Ingrid so sorry to her that you have fell. My sister in law fell but on the street and has done the same as you self.
    She got pins and goodnes what in her arm.
    I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  17. Oh! That must be terrible and horrible for you, not only as a crochetter! I hope everything will heal quickly and smoothly!
    Take care!