Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mystical Lanterns - playing with colour


Today I want to show you a really interesting pattern! It is By Jane Crowfoot and is called Mystical Lanterns.

You will find more information here on her website:

She has designed a special shape called an 'ogee' which fits neatly next to more of the same shape, a bit like a granny square or a hexagon for example. You can make a number of these shapes and combine them into a scarf, shawl or blanket.

Up until now, this pattern was only available in kit form. I wanted to have the blue coloured shawl kit (Aurora) with real Shetland Wool but it was sold out for quite some time. Then I dared to ask if they would soon stock more kits again, and I was in luck! So I went ahead and ordered my kit which includes all the wool you need plus a very detailed instruction how to make the shapes and join them!

When it arrived, I was thrilled to see the amazing colours. It was all very professionally put together. The service I received was friendly and fast! (Remember to scroll all the way to the bottom for further information!)

Last week I thought I would try out how to make one of these shapes. I used my Pingouin cotton yarn to do my first sample. I didn't find it very difficult and was pleased with how it looked. Each ogee is made of 4 different colours.

Mystical Lanterns

The colours of my kit is mostly blues, purples and greens which I love.*

However, this first version will be a wild mix of lots of colours in typical funkycrochet fashion!!!
I'm already very excited about it!

Here you can see the humble beginnings of this great motif!

Then I started making series of 4 motifs, always using the same 4 colours but in different sequences.

And finally I had about 28 colours together of this Pingouin Esterel cotton yarn, spent ages winding these into yarn cakes and laid them all out on the table!

It's starting to look great!!!

I love vibrant colours!

Luckily, you can now buy the pattern on it's own, check out the ravelry link here.

*And this picture shows the colourway of the kit I bought! Isn't it fabulous?

Mystical Lantern Shawl by Jane Crowfoot, copyright Jane Crowfoot

By the way, Jane Crowfoot is a fantastic designer, she did the Lily Pond Blanket CAL 2015, in 2016 she is doing the Frida's Flowers Blanket CAL currently, the Persian Tile Crochet Blanket, the stunning Special DK (Stylecraft) Tartan Blanket - just to mention some of the amazing patterns!
Be sure to check out her website for more details!

I hope you enjoyed this post as well, feel free to leave your comments below, thank you so much!

I will be away for nearly a week to visit a famous Music Festival in Germany, and of course my crochet will come with me!


  1. Hello Ingrid,
    Jane Crowfoot is an amazing designer indeed! I'm no good at any CAL (too many things to do myself) but the designs of Jane Crowfoot are breathtakingly beautiful! I like your funky version of the Lanterns too!
    Happy weekend,

  2. Thank you for sharing, she certainly is a excellent designer. Love the way you are putting the different colour combinations together, it looks amazing.

  3. Thank you so much for telling us this. I fell in love With the pattern when I saw the shawl (last year I think). Now I must buy it, LOVE it. And Your colors are so neatly presented. Have a Nice week end.

  4. I just love those colours!! What a joy when a pattern turns out so nice!
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Prachtig zeg, die kleurige vormpjes zo bij elkaar!! Het voorbeeld van de sjaal is ook echt super!

  6. So interesting, Ingrid, that you should choose motifs of this 'ogee' shape to make after your Winkle Vest. Take another look at the photo of the Winkle Vest as modelled in the bookazine: you can see the 'ogee' shapes in the fabric pattern of the model's top underneath the Winkle Vest! Were you aware of that coincidence? Perhaps your subconscious mind is working extremely effectively to inspire you? Either way, your brain is tuned into a creative channel. This is so cool! :-)

  7. P.S. Here's another free pattern which uses a similarly shaped motif:
    Retro Ornament Throw by Red Heart Yarn (US pattern)

  8. Wow it is gorgeous, such brilliant use of color. I can't wait to see yours all done.
    Have fun,

  9. So much wonderful color! It does indeed remind me of lanterns :) Glad to hear you got to order your kit after it was sold out! I would like to order more from Jane Crowfoot's page but shipping is sooooo expensive with her! :S

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. Gosh those colours are stunning! Enjoy the music festival in Germany looking forward to seeing what you crochet! xx

  11. Hello Ingrid, you patterns are so gorgeous! Wishing you a nice weekend!

  12. Hey, het is een beetje stil op je blog... alles goed?
    Groetjes van mij

  13. Hello everyone,

    I just want to say, thanks so much for your lovely comments!

    I hadn't been able to keep up with everything, but now I'm back!

    Looking forward to reading from you all soon! xx