Friday, 8 July 2016

My finished Rainbow Bubble Gum Shawl

Welcome back, old friends and new,*

After 10 busy days doing the Crochet Along for the Bubble Gum Shawl, I finished it last night!

I am really pleased with it, and due to the many colours I have renamed it:

My Rainbow Bubble Gum Shawl

Here are some photos to show it to you!

It looks equally good worn at the front or the back

10.07.16 My finished Rainbow Bubble Gum Shawl
Nearly finished all the yarn!

Side Edge detail with the smaller 'bubbles'

my growing shawl - curling inner edge

Splicing the yarn colours

One side edge with spikes

You will have to excuse me not blocking my shawl, but I just couldn't wait to start wearing it already... It might possibly be my most favourite shawl that I made so far, but on the other hand that is a difficult statement - I made so many lovely shawls and I love them all!

If you want to see some of my shawls, check out this blog post here if you haven't read it before.

For more information on this project, read my previous blog post here and also here.

For those of you on Ravelry, you can see my completed project (again) on this page. You will also find the original pattern link there. Please note that this pattern is no longer free, as the CAL 2016 is finished. I do hope you managed to download this pattern for free like I did!!! Even so, it is a wonderful pattern and well written out, row by row, so for a small charge it can be yours! The designer is called Katia Loeffler.

I found this pattern easy to follow, you will soon get into the rhythm of it. Instead of the 16 spikes in the pattern, I worked 20 spikes as I wanted to carry on until the yarn ran out more or less.

The side edge has a similar pattern with smaller bubbles which adds interest.

In order to achieve my rainbow of colours, I just looked at the yarn and decided to splice it by starting a different ball of yarn in similar colours that carried on to a different range of colours. If you look very, very closely at the photos, you might see the yarn ends which I left so you could see where I started a different colour way. Now they are all sewn up, you cannot guess where they were!

* and as for 'old' and 'new' friends, I wasn't referring to age, but more to longstanding followers and to the amazing influx of new followers I have - wow, thanks for signing up! Hello also to my lovely followers on instagram and your unwavering support there as well! I'm just so happy to have found so many like minded people!

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  1. Brava! Another stunning shawl for your collection. I like how the'small bubbles' create a tiny ruffle. Congratulations too on meeting your blogging goal of finding more like-minded friends. That's what I have enjoyed the most about blogging. Have fun!

    1. Thank you, Jodie! I also like the unusual design! Yes, it is great to connect with so many blog friends! xx

  2. I love this! The bubble gum colours, the design and the big smile on your face while wearing the shawl!
    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Hi Sigrid, glad you like it, I think the colours bring a cheer! You too! xx

  3. Hi Ingrid,
    I just LOVE all the colours. Really really beautiful. It's a great pattern. I love it :-).
    Have a nice weekend.

    Sweet greetings,

    1. Hello Emily, thank you. The pattern is not that difficult, I'm hoping that more people will make it! xx

  4. It really is a beautiful array of colour and a great pattern.

  5. It's just so pretty! What beautiful colours and I love the open look. This is going to go with everything!

    1. Thank you, Julia! I wore it today in the hot weather and thankfully it is very lightweight (only 150g) which is ideal! And yes, I think it will go with everything! :) xx

  6. It looks wonderful Ingrid. And so do you!

  7. Hi Ingrid
    It's stunning I think you could wear any colour jumper underneath.

    1. Thanks, Jacky, I think you are right about that! xx

  8. Such a lovely shawl, dear Ingrid!
    Have a nice week.
    Lots of hugs

    1. Thanks very much, Nina, enjoy your week, too! :) xx

  9. Wow, sieht das toll aus! Die Farben! Steht Dir auch ganz klasse :-).

  10. Hello, this shawl is very beautiful. Is there a drawing scheme in the manual in Ravelry? I do not know English. Thank You.