Wednesday, 19 August 2015

New Crochet Crush - Rustic Lace Square (Crochet Motif)

Hello my dear Blogfriends,

(post first published on 01.06.15)

If you are on Instagram, you might have already noticed that there has been a surge in people trying to crochet this pattern.

You can find it  on pinterest (Print out the diagram on the best quality setting)
and here on instagram!

It is called:

The Rustic Lace Square

So pretty, don't you think? It was love at first sight, but I had to postpone trying it out until a number of other things were completed (especially the baby blanket).

I love playing with crochet, trying new things, and also playing with yarn, see what works and what doesn't.

There is only a diagram, no written instructions. Most people make them in multiple colours, I decided to use variegated yarns.

This time I used Katia Jaipur cotton yarn (50g = 280m, recommended hook: 1.75, I used a 2mm hook).

My squares measure about 10cm square.

Rustic Lace Square
Rustic Lace Square Diagram
the first two squares and the diagram

Crocheting 3 squares at the same time with 3 different colourways

7 squares on 29.05.15

Square 8 - 30.05.15
Square 9 - 31.05.15
The Story so far

Mine are turning out really lacy and dainty! I wonder what they would look like with thicker Cotton yarn? I have seen so many beautiful combinations.

What do you think? Do you like the Rustic Lace Square? I urge you to give it a go and also check online some of the wonderful images of other people's work!

Here are some nice blogposts to check out:

These are all about this special square, but please have a read around these sites, they are so packed with amazing crochet information and inspiration! Thank you, ladies (Marianne, Magda and Cornel) for such lovely blogs!

Just one more for the road! Square 10 on 01.06.15

As always, please let me have your comments, I'm looking forward to reading them!
Don't be shy, now!!!


  1. Look at you go from 0 - 10 squares in no time at all. They are beautiful, exquisite squares.

    1. Hello Lorraine! I wouldn't say in no time, hehehe! I timed myself this morning to see and it took me a minimum of 70 minutes for crocheting one square nonstop. When I did the 3 squares together, round for round, it took me even longer, because of starting and stopping. Some people make them with several colours, so that must take longer.
      I think I will be happy to keep making about 1 a day, if I can.
      I also love them!! :) xx

  2. Wow, jij blijft een bezig bijtje! Ook weer zo een stapeltje nieuwe vierkantjes gemaakt...toe maar! Ze zijn prachtig, wat ga je er mee doen? Maak je er een sjaal van, of een dekentje? Of een luchtig kleedje voor over een tuintafeltje ofzo? :)

    1. Ik weet het nog niet, maar ik gaa maar rustig verder. Het is echt een uitdaging en een haakplezier tergelijk! :) xx

  3. Very pretty! Thank you for placing the squares against each other to compare all the different colour effects. This is why I love crochet so much - the same pattern with so many different looks.

    1. That's true, Jodie! But it's also the fact that the yarn is so amazing, I really love Katia Jaipur. :) xx

  4. It's lovely. I must try it when I get a chance.

    1. Thanks, Gillian! I know you will like it! :) xx

  5. Your squares are really beautiful .. I like them very very much !

  6. Thank you for sharing at my link up in week 25,
    you are welcome to share again now :o)

  7. It's just beautiful, thank you for sharing