Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Acorn Cowl - my very first pattern is now on Ravelry

Hello dear blog friends,

After a long break i am back!

I have got exciting news to share : i just published one of my own crochet patterns for the first time on ravelry.

It is called the acorn cowl because the pattern resembles rows and rows of colourful acorns!

The Acorn Cowl

For a very limited time (until midnight - European time Monday 02 October 2017) it is available for 25% less with coupon code Intro25.

Please follow this link to the pattern where you will find details, you will need to be logged in (Ravelry is a free website for knitters and crocheters):

The Acorn Cowl pattern link

This pattern is available for €5.86 EUR  buy it now
Inspired by nature walks in beautiful forests, this cosy lacy cowl has a lovely autumn feel.
This cowl features rows and rows of colourful acorns in different shades and colours; ranging from soft pastel hues to vivid autumn shades.
This pattern is suitable for advanced beginners who want to build on their knowledge and for intermediate + crocheters who enjoy a mindful project.
There are lots of helpful tips for adapting your cowl.
This pattern includes an 8 page photo tutorial (please check before printing this out - save trees!) It is probably better to see the details on your computer screen, where you can see it in colour and are able to zoom in, if needed.
New pattern - introduction offer valid until end of 2 October 2017, with coupon code Intro25
Enjoy making and wearing this cowl!
And don’t forget to share your creations via ravelry (make a project page with photos), instagram, pinterest and other social media with #funkycrochetacorncowl, #acorncowl, #funkycrochet .
copyright Ingrid Kopka 2017 (Pattern including all photos) 
For personal use only. 
Please do not copy or share this pattern in any way or form. 
Thanks for your support!

This is all for now, i hope you like my new pattern!
I'm hoping to publish more in the future; there will also be free patterns!


Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Blue Shawlette

Hello my blog friends,

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and birthday wishes*, much appreciated!

Meanwhile I came up with another idea for as shawl and got started straight away!

I had some Drops Delight sock yarn in different shades of blue which seemed like a good choice!
To be on the safe side, I did order some extra, just in case!

Since this is fingering weight yarn, a 3.5mm hook is recommended, but I went with a 4mm as I wanted it to be more lacy! Also, I crochet a bit loosely, so another person might get the same result with a 4.5mm if they crochet tightly!

Blue Shawlette

My design started out with the longest side of the shawl. This meant I had to decide how large I wanted to make it. I decided to go with a shawlette size, something that is large enough to wrap around the neck and wear at the front, or alternatively, wear it open and just over the shoulders.

I started on Wednesday and finished it this afternoon. By that I mean that the main body of the shawl is complete, but it still needs to be blocked and then I will design a border that goes with it.

So, this is the shawl - as it currently is!!!

(pictures are in reverse order!)

Blue Shawlette 08.01.2017

This afternoon...

This morning - in the snow and wearing my new boots!

I enjoyed creating this design and part of the fun is that the rows get shorter each time! :)

*My birthday

I had a lovely day, spent it mostly with my youngest daughter who baked an(other) fantastic cake! Later we went into Antwerp and I bought some things with my birthday money! In the evening we went for a Mexican meal!

So, that's all for now, until next time!

Have a great week!!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Shiraz Top

Welcome back!

By the time you read this, it will probably be my birthday (6 January)... :)

I promised you another post about a second project, here it is!

Again, this took 24 hours from the idea to the finished item!!!

This time I decided to make a short length top to fit over my new grey Linen dress by Plumo.

I always fancied making a new Granny Square top, you might remember that I made a Summer Top before?

I did some stash diving, and finally found the ideal yarn: Rowan Cashsoft Chunky in a beautiful burgundy colour called Shiraz.

I had this quite a long time, even before I moved to Belgium. It has been discontinued.

I wanted to make an unfussy, simple but pretty top!

One side incorporates the Finnish Granny Square Design by OmaKoppa aka Virpi Siira from her blog and her book 'Moderne Granny Squares' (published in German so far).

If you look back in my blog posts, you can see I have tried this pattern before: Finnish Granny Square links for more info.

So, here it is - my Shiraz Top

this is how far one ball of yarn lasted!

Is it a mandala?

Finnish Granny Square

Blocking to 40cm

Finished Shiraz Top - front view

As you can see in the first photo, the reverse view is just a normal granny square that I made into a rectangular shape. The top has got short sleeves, I just kept going until I ran out of yarn (only 6g left out of 12x50g balls).

The pictures also show you that the circular pattern needs to be transformed into a square! I did my best to block it, but afterwards it started to go round again! However, assembling the top helped to keep the shape better.

What I like about this top is that it is simple and versatile, it can be worn over a dress or even in summer over a short top.

Details: circumference : 132cm x 40cm long. Sleeves are only 5cm but appear longer! (I just had to take it off to measure, been wearing it since the moment I finished it!! It is very comfortable!!

Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft Chunky, 50m/50g x 12 balls. 57% Wool, 10% Cashmere, 33% Microfibre.  Hook used: 6mm.

Ravelry - Shiraz Top

As you can see, I am driven to design and create, I have an idea and I just got to run with it!!!

I'm hoping to find the time to write down my patterns, I have already had a request on instagram!!

Meanwhile, let me know what you are working on at the moment! What are your crochet (or knitting plans} for the New Year?

Feel free to leave your comments below.... :))

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Peony Crochet Cowl

Hello Blog friends,

I am trying to get back to regular blogging, so I will keep these posts more bite size!!!

Since I have already finished two projects in January, I want to show them to you.

For today I will tell you about a new lacy cowl I made over New Year's Eve.

The Peony Cowl

I went through my stash to look for some mohair yarn and came across two balls of Wendy Air Mohair Yarn, each weighing 25g.

I wanted to make a soft and fluffy cowl, ideal for this cold weather!

I started to experiment with different stitches and came up with this enjoyable pattern.

The yarn is held double throughout, a 5mm hook was used.

Here is what my finished cowl looks like, it took only a day!

funkycrochet - Peony Cowl 01.01.2017

Cowl details

Starting with Fuchsia Pink colour

Finished size: 60cm circumference x 29.5cm deep.

Wendy Air: 70% Mohair, 30% Nylon. 200m.

This yarn feels extremely soft, even worn next to the skin.

Here is the link to my Ravelry page, I will add more details at a later date.

Ravelry: Peony Cowl

Hope you find this useful for inspiration, please let me know what you think!

I will tell you about my second project in the following post!