Friday, 29 April 2016

Free crochet pattern: 10001 Triangle shawl

Hello my blog friends,

10001 Triangle shawl

Today just a short post as I will be visiting my family in Germany.

There are so many great crochet patterns out there, sometimes it is difficult to choose. The other day I came across this lovely shawl via pinterest and followed the link back to Ravelry here.

You will find that the pattern is free to download from the website :

If you are confused - you need to click on this on their page (not here): Please use this link to download pattern.

There is a lovely photo tutorial to go along with it, and the shawl is shown in a single colour and with contrasting colours.

Since I easily get excited by beautiful patterns, I thought I would try to make a little swatch to see if I liked it and if it was difficult to do.

It is definitely not difficult, there is always one row of chains and V-stitches, alternated by a row of shells.

It makes for an incredible regular looking pattern with a beautiful geometry to it!

PS: you could also convert this triangle into a square....

As you can see, I used a simple variegated cotton yarn which I had to hand. So the colour runs in irregular ways. I think it would look great in alternating colours (the downside would be the ends to be sewn up later!).

I think this version looks great:

I'm surprised that this shawl has not been made more often so far. I have already added it to my favourites....

Have you found a pattern recently that you like and want to share (with links please)?


  1. That is a nice pattern indeed! Thank's for the inspiration and try-out! I was planning to make a new triangle shawl and this could be the one.
    Have a nice trip to Germany,

    1. Hi Sigrid,

      Yes, a new shawl pattern is always tempting... :)

  2. This looks so beautiful....I love the pattern and the pretty colour. Wishing you a happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  3. It is a gorgeous stitch pattern Ingrid, I looked at the projects page and am as surprised as you are more have not been made.

  4. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy special family time. Love seeing your swatch, it certainly is a beautiful shawl.

    1. Hi Lorraine, We all had a great time that day! It was really warm for the first time, lots of sunshine! My mum loves her scarf... ;)

  5. Wow, da paßt ja sogar die Häkelnadel zum Garn! Sehr schöner Farbverlauf und das Muster find ich auch hübsch, wird bestimmt ein ganz tolles Tuch. Viel Spaß in good old Germany & schönes WE!

    1. Hallo Nata! Haha, das ist eine Billige Haekelnadel, aber sie ist gut!

      Leider ist es momentan nur bei einem Musterversuch geblieben, um es einfach mal auszuprobieren.

      Vielleicht spaeter mal... xx

  6. Hi it lovely i think the wool makes it.

    1. Hi Jacky,

      Yes, I think having colourchanging yarn always makes for interesting possibilities! xx

  7. A lovely pattern, Ingrid, and I like the color you chose.

    1. Thank you, Amalia! I like those colours as well... xx

  8. What a lovely pattern Ingrid. Thank you. I still have some yarn for a new shawl, maybe I will use this pattern because it's beautiful. Have a nice evening.

    Sweet greetings,

    1. Hello Emily, I'd be very interested to see your version... :) xx

  9. MyPicot is a great resource. I like the way the triangular pattern could be turned into a square in two ways: either adapt the pattern to make a complete round with square corners or just stitch two triangular sections together. I do love crochet's potential for turning ideas into reality in a variety of ways.