Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Finally, some more crochet news! Sources of inspiration and a walk in Boom

Hello again,

You would be forgiven for thinking I have been doing more knitting than crochet lately. In fact, that is not the case. It is just, that my making things has been racing ahead of my blogging! I tend to get caught up in thinking, just another row, just finish this part, and then I notice I haven't taken enough photos, let alone written about it!

I actually started two more crochet projects and one knitting one (the Moebius cowl which I just blogged about) in the last two weeks!!!!

As always, I soak up new ideas and patterns as part of my daily diet! To me they are as important as vitamins!

One large source is of course, pinterest. You can find me there:

For those of you who have not used it before, it is a never ending source of images and ideas!
I follow countless other people and boards and so I get a feed with new images. I save some of them to my own boards which in turn might inspire other people who follow me or my boards.

I tend to follow through a lot of pins to their original source because often you might find additional information as to how you can get the pattern (often free!) and then I download the PDF files.

Here is a handy tip if you want to download a pattern or tutorial from a website: copy the URL into the box on which will then generate the option to download it as a PDF file! So simple! (This has the advantage that you only download the important bits and not the sidebar and/or advertising of the source site/blog.

Often a pin links to the original pattern on ravelry. This is another great place to dive into ideas and patterns. I have mentioned about it before!

What is your source of crochet (and knitting) inspiration?

Here you can see my recent haul when I went to visit Germany :

Two crochet books: Pixel Haekeln and Granny Squares,
one knitting book: Cardigans stricken,
One crochet bookazine (Simply Haekeln) , 1 filet crochet mini magazine (filethaekeln) and 1 general craft magazine (Selbst gemacht)

I will try to tell you more about interesting things in them once I have 'digested' them a bit more.  I can tell you that the bookazine from Simply Haekeln (Haekelmode) is already a great favourite, there are things I definitely want to make!!! I just need more time....

Two of the magazines also included free crochet hooks, yippee!

A Sunday walk in Boom

I leave you below with some nice spring photos I took last Sunday, we went to Boom (which is a small town near us, where we went for a little walk around the park there! It was such a beautiful day!

Are you enjoying the nice spring weather?


  1. Nice spring pictures and fantastic, those magazines you bought in Germany. There's still not enough to find about crochet here in Belgium I think. Luckily we can order a lot over the internet, or find inspiration on Pinterest ofcourse :-) Good tip by the way!
    Take care,

    1. Hi Sigrid, there are quite a few crochet magazines that you can get in Antwerp, they are in the international magazine shop. Which ones do you subscribe to? (I get inside crochet and simply crochet in England - my son saves them until I visit!) xx

  2. I have a vast collection of books that I love to browse and I collect vintage patterns, they are always a great inspiration with projects.

    1. Hello Lorraine, I bet you never get bored with all these resources! Vintage patterns can be amazing!!! Hope you are enjoying the spring weather! xx

  3. Hi Ingrid,
    I've been away from blogging for a few weeks but while I was laid up I discovered that my library has a Zinio account where one can access some magazines and a limited number of back issues online. Our library's Zinio lists Simply Crochet (UK) and I have been slowly trying to digest those. I do enjoy reading them but cannot always afford to purchase them. I prefer a hard copy magazine that is quick to flick through, pick up and take with me when I go out etc. but the e-mags on Zinio from the library are the next best thing I suppose. Now I have a bunch of back issues to pick from as well so I know what you mean about taking time to digest them all! Enjoy your haul. I would love to look inside them someday. I love comparing the styles that are popular in different continents/countries. I'm glad you have had enjoyable travels recently. :-)

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, Jodie! Hope you are feeling better again by now. That sounds great that you can access Simply crochet via your library. I will try and share some images and patterns soon so that people can see them.
    Take care! xx