Thursday, 31 March 2016

Knitting post - the Barcelona Alpaca Jumper is finished!

Hello dear Blog friends,

Today another catch up post about something that I recently finished.

The Barcelona Jumper by Julie Jaeken

I started this jumper last year and worked on it on and off. The pattern came from Julie, the owner of the wonderful Julija's Woolshop here in Antwerp.

I previously blogged about this jumper in a post here.

Since we were planning on visiting England in early March, I realised that it would be great if I managed to finish off this jumper in time so I could take it along and finally hand it over to my daughter there!

Here are some photos that show the final steps.

Adding the sleeves

Finally, the finished jumper!

The neck line

extra long sleeves in rib pattern

simple neck line
Pattern from the book and my own version

my youngest daughter trying on the finished jumper
Together with my second oldest daughter on Mother's Day

My daughter loves her new jumper!
I made the sleeves a bit longer so the could be worn up or down to keep extra warm!

This is a great pattern and lovely in the soft and cosy Drops Alpaca Boucle yarn.

I did start a second jumper (for myself) which will have to wait.... Right now I want to work on more things for the coming warmer season.

Looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. Its beautiful and a such a lovely colour which will go with anything.

  2. Thank you very much, Lorraine! My daughter loves grey!!! :) xx

  3. You're so talented! I love seeing all your makes :) The jumper looks super comfy and stylish, lucky daughter!! xx

  4. Alpaca is so soft and warm and your jumper looks just that! The long sleeves are popular with my children too - they all like extra length so they can tuck their hands into their sleeves.
    You have got the fit of the jumper just right! Another success, Ingrid. :-)

    1. Hi Jodie! It was tricky enough because my daughter lives in England and I didn't get to see here during the time I was working on it. I went with the instructions from the book, but I made the sleeves longer. I also made the neck opening narrower than shown in the book. I'm glad it worked out!! xx

  5. IT is perfect Ingrid! Love the color and it fits your daughter like a dream. Well done,

    1. Thank you, Meredith! :) Plus see comments above. xx

  6. Looks like a real cozy sweater.
    Thank you for sharing at my link up last week,
    a New party is now open

    1. Thanks, Monica! It definitely is very cosy and soft because it's alpaca yarn.

      Also thanks for the link party! :) xx