Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hobbybeurs Hasselt, a quick Flower Doily, a festival and my love of triangles

Hello my crochet friends!

It is time for another post! I got so much to show and tell you about, so please grab a cup of tea or coffee and make yourselves comfortable! I hope you all had a nice week including last weekend! Last week it was very hot here in Belgium, back to summer weather (27-30 degrees)!

Here is the Flower Power Dishcloth, a very quick make that I saw on Helda's Blog on Sunday morning (after a  great night out on Saturday, read more about that further down!) and just had to crochet for myself! I love these kind of challenges! You can find the original pattern on Ravelry. I recommend it to you, give it a go! Like Helda, I used Rico Cotton.

My very own Flower Power Dishcloth (or Doily)
After this happy make, it was time to go out, so Sunday afternoon we went to the Hobbybeurs in Hasselt (Belgium) which is more than an hours drive away. Unfortunately I missed going the year before (when it was held in Mechelen which is closer by to where I live). I was lucky that my partner agreed to take me there and his mother accompanied me, which was fun, as she also does a lot of different needle crafts! Whilst the men went for a nice long walk, we walked around the Hobbybeurs. We spent 3 hours there and the time went really quickly. There was such a lot to see!

Here is the catalogue and the back of the flyer which shows a variety of crafts.

At the entrance we were give a goodie bag containing an Embroidery magazine, a Papercraft Punch and some pretty wooden beads (all worth Euro 12, but the entrance fee was almost as high: Euro 11 (but we saved Euro 1.50 with a special voucher)

Goodie Bag containing 3 gifts: Magazine, Beads and a Punch
This is the very first thing that really got my interest - a beautiful floral quilt. My first reaction was to guess Amy Butler, but when I asked the ladies at the stand, they told me it was Kaffe Fassett! (He has got his very own website (of course!) here!) I've been a fan of his since the Eighties! He is such an inspiration, I love his celebration of colour!

A Kaffe Fassett Quilt Design
A little bit further I was mesmerized by these pretty things here!

Some hanging Crochet Mandala Ornaments
These ornaments below were smaller and featured yarn being wrapped around a wooden ring. They were sold in kit form.

Some smaller Crochet Ornaments
Later on we came across this amazing stall with handcrafted Teddy Bears - the husband made the bears and his wife crocheted (and sewed) some tiny clothes to fit them. I admired the clothes and she told me she used a 0.6mm hook! I was in awe! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to even see the stitches, never mind crocheting into them!
Handsewn Teddy Bears...
... and tiny crocheted clothes to fit them!
I am sorry that I did not take photos of more stalls, but in the end I put the camera into my bag and forgot about it more or less. There was so much to see and things were constantly tempting, so I needed my hands free to explore! I simply got carried away! There were not as many stalls with wool/yarn as I had anticipated, but then again, that might have been a good thing! We tried to look at everything, but it was nearly impossible. There were papercrafts, fabric, sewing machines, beads, felting, mosaics, decorating of wood and cardboard, together with tools, books and so much more. Many stalls also gave demonstrations or tiny taster sessions for people to have a go themselves! Luckily there was also a good cafe to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and sit down for 20 minutes!

Here is my 'loot' from the exhibition: 9 x balls of Stylecraft DK in additional colours for my Harlequin Blanket, and one very large Ball of Scheepjeswol Chunky yarn (probably to make a warm cowl). Isn't it funny how I ended up choosing more Autumn colours this time? (To clarify, I had ordered the previous selection online in the Spring!). I loved seeing all the different shades in person, so much better than looking at a computer screen. So now I can play with 30 colours for my blanket! :)
My yarn loot from the exhibition!
I discovered some fantastic fabric in amazing prints by Tim Holtz which is his new Ecletic Elements line. (Read more here!) I also noticed a lot of papercrafts in the same line, it really caught my eye! I only bought a tiny swatch as a souvenir, plus some cute ribbons I liked. I really like fabric with printed designs such as measuring tapes, clocks, etc.
My tiny sewing loot!
At the exit, a quick pose and photo opportunity in front of a most colourful quilt!

I love colour!!!!
Do we have a minute? Oh, go on, just one more!

Star Quilt
You may ask, what has been happening with my Harlequin Blanket? Well, here is a quick visual update, it is growing steadily. Though, due to the very hot temperatures last week I suddenly had a 3 day bout of suffering from terrible headaches which really impacted on my amount of crocheting, something that had not happened before. Luckily now the weather is cooler again, things are back to normal and I'm feeling ok.

Harlequin Blanket 22.09.14
Come a bit closer...

now measuring a good 30cm high

Going back to Friday, I made another trip into Antwerp, on a glorious day of sunshine, and went to another wool shop, Lena & Zasa. Unfortunately for us customers, this shop was open for the last day, because the owner is following a new career. There were some good reductions and I managed to scoop up some exotic finds, a number of Mohair yarns from British company Colinette and Japanese ITO and HABU. The colour combination of the 2 skeins from Colinette made me think of Rhubarb and Custard, yumm! Good enough to eat, haha!

Links for ITO Sensai, a silk mohair yarn - find out more here
HABU: more info. Plus of course, Colinette - click here!

As you might know, I am trying to follow so many blogs and I love reading all of them! (Yes, that includes yours!) However, since we went to England I have gotten behind, still trying to catch up as best as I can. Often I have to remind myself to keep crocheting, because I get so distracted (in a lovely way) by what I am reading! Does this ever happen to you, too?

I have got a lovely namesake in Holland who blogged about this: Triangles and mosquitos! (It's also one of my very first blogs I loved reading and it has helped with my Dutch, too! Thanks, Ingrid!) This was on Friday night, when I read it.

By Saturday it was decided, I was also going to crochet some nice triangles of my own! I grabbed my trusted Scheepjeswol Stone Washed and started.

In the afternoon I had to take it with me in the car, as my partner had told me about an exciting and free Open Air Festival called BAROEG happening in Rotterdam (NL), featuring Heavy Metal and Electronic music. We went there for the latter and had a fantastic time, a whole afternoon/evening of dancing to some of our favourite artists who played live there. The setting was great, it was in a large park, with tents for the events, plus plenty of stalls for food and drink, and other things such as clothing etc. I just read here that it was a great success with 7,500 people visiting and 170 voluntary workers!

Well, at least I had time to crochet on the journey! :)

Latest WIP - Crochet Triangles
So there you have it: Friday to the closing down sale in Antwerp, Saturday to Rotterdam Open Air Festival with crochet in the car, and Sunday a visit to the Hobbybeurs in Hasselt! Yesterday=Monday was spent doing  Spring Autumn cleaning in the kitchen and catching up on a lot of washing, as well as having a major yarn moment - spending a long time organizing my yarn into clear bags and boxes to be stored away, as we seem to have reached a peak limit in the living room! This was both tricky and rewarding in the end. Plus there was my Dutch class until late (coming home at 11pm). So, you can see why there haven't been any blog posts inbetween. At least you got a bumper edition for your kind patience! :)

I tried to do a bit of research for you and have included some links in the text if you want to do some further reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Please leave me some comments, I love to hear from you all and find out what you think! And feel free to start following me via Bloglovin or Google+, that way you don't miss a post! (And thanks to all the people who already do, you're fantastic!!!)


  1. I love your flower .Isn't rico cotton nice to work with. I love your new balls of yarn.They will look stunning in your blanket.
    I love the photo of you in front of that quilt. Your hair looks beautiful

    1. Thank you, Helda for your kind comments! :) Yes, I love that Rico Cotton, I originally bought it whilst still in England. They got such a nice palette of colours to choose from. Life is too short for boring yarn!!! I can tell that you love colour, too! Have a good week! xx

  2. You are certainly busy! But in a good way - so much yarn yummness! I am waiting for a big order of yarn... Can't wait for it to arrive!

    Take care

    1. Hi Anne! Thanks! ;) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your yarn order to arrive quickly! I hope your blanket is going well! Otherwise, how about a quick inbetween project? Happy crocheting! xx

  3. Wow, impressive haul of yarn what an amazing exhibition. Your blanket is looking a real delight, the colours are stunning.

    1. Hello! Yes, I know, it looks like a lot, but then this blanket will probably use up quite a bit of yarn due to its' size. I was just so happy I could get some more in new colours! Have a good week! xx

  4. Wow, you have been a busy lady indeed haven't you!!! I look forward to seeing more of your blanket. I hope that you are OK now it is cooler and that you stay OK too. xx

    1. Thank you, Amy, for your concern, how kind of you. Yes, I'm hoping it was just a temporary thing! I'm back to crocheting with full strength, hehehe! :) xx

  5. Very nice post,colors,pictures,wow!!
    Wonderful creations!!
    Beautiful doily and triangles!
    Many greetings.:*

    1. Thank you, my dear!
      Always nice to see you leaving a comment! :) xx

  6. Hi
    Loving your harleguin blanket. Can you tell me which pattern you are following?
    Thanks Anne

    1. Hi Anne, Thanks for your kind comment! :)

      The (printable) pattern is here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yC9ySJTXW3I/SeYIaN9h2FI/AAAAAAAACJ4/b-pXJvzrqPM/s1600-h/Wheel+Shell+Stitch+-+Triple.jpg

      You Tube Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bceiQrDTJw0

      You will also find a bit more here on my previous post:

      Hope this helps! xx

  7. Wow you've been super busy!! That dischcloth is so cute :) And the Hobbybeurs looks amazing! What a lovely haul of wool, the quilts look wonderful. The triangles looks lovely, and as always I love the look of the blanket!! xx

    1. Thank you, Helen! You are right, so much had happened! Hopefully things will go a bit slower again now! The dishcloth is too cute to be a dishcloth, I'm using it as a doily! ;) xx

  8. Wow, that was a lot of readingstuff to do here! :) Nice to hear you had a great time at the festival in Rotterdam, it was really nice weather too (not for crocheting large hot items on your lap indeed!) Nice bunting are you making from stonewashed! And your blanket will be gourgeous. I never visited a creative market like that, but it sounds stunning! I think i would want to buy or try everything... :) Luckily my wallet doesn't allow me to, hahaha! Greets

    1. Hello Lizette! Haha, sorry for the extra reading!
      Well the hobbybeurs was good to have a look around and see what is new or interesting! Indeed, it is impossible to buy everything. Luckily the Stylecraft yarn is quite cheap! ;)
      PS: I am not making bunting.... I will show it soon when it is finished! (I'm just happy to use my Stonewashed again, I love that yarn!) xx

  9. Hello Ingrid! I just popped by to thank you for your comments on my blog. I don't have time to read your blog properly right now but plan to come back at the weekend :)

    1. Aww, Roo! To me that is a great compliment! :) I really enjoy reading your blog such a lot!!! Happy knitting meanwhile!! xx

  10. Oh my goodness you have been so busy Flower Power, triangles yarn shopping and going to that wonderful show. Love the yarn you got at the show and the shop. You can never pass up sale yarn,

    1. Hi Meredith! I know exactly what you mean, I was actually thinking about what you said when your yarn shop closed down. I wanted to have something that was special (in this case Mohair, since I didn't have any) and also that I wouldn't be able to find in one of the other shops (likewise). I will miss this shop since they stocked such specialist yarns! Hugs! xx

  11. It is always good to come away from an event with some souvenirs, especially those that are going to match perfectly with your current project. I love the saturated colours in your harlequin blanket. Thank you for sharing your fun with us on your blog. Cheers, Jodie xx

  12. Yes, it was lucky I found that yarn! xx