Thursday, 5 January 2017

Shiraz Top

Welcome back!

By the time you read this, it will probably be my birthday (6 January)... :)

I promised you another post about a second project, here it is!

Again, this took 24 hours from the idea to the finished item!!!

This time I decided to make a short length top to fit over my new grey Linen dress by Plumo.

I always fancied making a new Granny Square top, you might remember that I made a Summer Top before?

I did some stash diving, and finally found the ideal yarn: Rowan Cashsoft Chunky in a beautiful burgundy colour called Shiraz.

I had this quite a long time, even before I moved to Belgium. It has been discontinued.

I wanted to make an unfussy, simple but pretty top!

One side incorporates the Finnish Granny Square Design by OmaKoppa aka Virpi Siira from her blog and her book 'Moderne Granny Squares' (published in German so far).

If you look back in my blog posts, you can see I have tried this pattern before: Finnish Granny Square links for more info.

So, here it is - my Shiraz Top

this is how far one ball of yarn lasted!

Is it a mandala?

Finnish Granny Square

Blocking to 40cm

Finished Shiraz Top - front view

As you can see in the first photo, the reverse view is just a normal granny square that I made into a rectangular shape. The top has got short sleeves, I just kept going until I ran out of yarn (only 6g left out of 12x50g balls).

The pictures also show you that the circular pattern needs to be transformed into a square! I did my best to block it, but afterwards it started to go round again! However, assembling the top helped to keep the shape better.

What I like about this top is that it is simple and versatile, it can be worn over a dress or even in summer over a short top.

Details: circumference : 132cm x 40cm long. Sleeves are only 5cm but appear longer! (I just had to take it off to measure, been wearing it since the moment I finished it!! It is very comfortable!!

Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft Chunky, 50m/50g x 12 balls. 57% Wool, 10% Cashmere, 33% Microfibre.  Hook used: 6mm.

Ravelry - Shiraz Top

As you can see, I am driven to design and create, I have an idea and I just got to run with it!!!

I'm hoping to find the time to write down my patterns, I have already had a request on instagram!!

Meanwhile, let me know what you are working on at the moment! What are your crochet (or knitting plans} for the New Year?

Feel free to leave your comments below.... :))


  1. Happy birthday!!!
    Like your top and the colour is marvellous!
    PS: Tomorrow, and from then on each first Saturday of the month, there's a link party-bloghop-give away on that is totally about granny squares: this would be perfect to link up there!
    Have a great day, full of yarn :-)

    1. Thank you, Sigrid! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance this time... xx

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to YOU!!!!

  3. Hi Ingrid,

    Happy birthday to you!!!!! Have a really nice day. I really like your top. Looks really pretty.

    Sweet greetings,

  4. Wow, zo snel alweer een nieuw project af! Je kunt dus alweer goed werken met je arm? En wat staat het werk je goed (kan ook komen omdat ik zelf zo van zo'n kleur rood hou, hihi). Ik wens je een heel fijne verjaardag toe!
    Ik werk momenteel aan een babyvestje en zooltjes voor in mijn versleten Spaanse sloffen. En ik wil nog eens tunisch haken proberen. En een corner to corner projectje. En... en... en... ;) gelukkig hebben we weer een heel jaar voor alle ideeën haha! Groetjes

    1. Dankjewel, Lizette! veel haakplezier gewenst met jouw plannen!! xx

  5. Happy Birthday Ingrid! I'm happy to see you posting more often on your blog again. I enjoy reading your stories and about the details of your projects and inspirations.
    I hope you had a happy day with a happy year to come. Hugs, xxx

  6. Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day. A lovely top, such a beautiful colour.

  7. Happy BIrthday yesterday Ingrid. I love your new top, it is brilliant. Love the color and the pattern, well done!

  8. Hoi Ingrid,

    Je top is mooi geworden!
    Maar het is een wijdverbreid misverstand dat Virpi Siira de ontwerpster is van het vierkant dat je gebruikte.
    Het is uit Brigitte Häklen, Nederlandse titel: Haken voor iedereen (Nederlandse uitgave uit 1979), van Ellen Türkis en Sanna Dammann. Op bladzijde 58 vind je de uitleg, op bladzijde 60 een foto.
    Virpi heeft wel ergens op haar website vermeld waar het ontwerp vandaan komt, maar sindsdien lijkt het erop dat ze zich het ontwerp heeft toegeëigend…
    Toegegeven: ze maakt er erg veel gebruik van. Het is zo’n beetje haar handelsmerk geworden.
    Maar het is geen Fins Square! Het is van Duitse komaf.
    I like your top! It turned out just right.
    But it is a widespread misunderstanding that Virpi Siira designed the square you used for your top.
    Actually it is from Brigitte Häklen, Dutch: Haken voor iedereen, dutch edition dates from 1979, by Ellen Türkis en Sanna Dammann. On page 58 the description, on page 60 a photo.
    Somewhere on her blog Virpi Siira has stated where the square came from, but from then on she kind of suggests that the design is hers.
    She uses it a lot, it almost became her trademark.
    But it is not a Finnish Square. (Actually it is German.)

    Groetjes / Bye, Estella

    1. Hello Estella, wow, thanks for that extra information! :))

  9. 24 hours! Wow!! Hope you had a lovely birthday, the top is wonderful and I love the colour you chose! x

    1. Hi Helen, thanks, yes I did!! I think it's a lovely red, really like it! xx

  10. That is a fabulous top, I really like it and it is something I would wear too. Jo x