Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to make some soft Plushies - Coole Knuffels by La Maison Victor

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Today I want to show you something different! Last week I got totally immersed in making some Plushies which is something I always wanted to do.

Here in Belgium we have a lovely bi-monthly magazine called 'La Maison Victor' which features mostly sewing, but also a little bit of knitting or crochet as well.

You can find their inspiring website here. There are also links to their pinterest, Facebook and YouTube sites at the bottom of their home page.

Not only is there the magazine, but they also publish some beautiful little craft books from time to time.

I bought their book*; Zelf-maak ideeen voor coole knuffels (DIY ideas for cool Plushies) because I immediately loved their quirky style and look! I knew I would have to make something from this book.

The book is beautifully illustrated, there are pictures of the finished toy, as well as diagrams that show how to attach the individual parts, and a full size template for each animal. The instructions are in dutch. Each animal has got a cute name.

Let me introduce to you: Charlotte the Cuckoo and Ferdinand the Cat!

My finished Plushies : Charlotte the Cuckoo and Ferdinand the Cat

The Book by La Madison Victor

Here are a few examples of the different animals in this book - there are 30 different animals!

This is how I made them. Here is Ferdinand the cat. First trace the template, then cut it out. Place on fabric and remember to add a seam allowance. Use contrasting fabrics. I decided to make a few of my own alterations....

Handsewing the cat - shown inside out

Adding some toy stuffing

I added a tail and stitched on an embroidered heart

My alterations were as follows: I added a sideways tail, I changed the ear shape, I embroidered the cat eyes, I added whiskers and a tiny cat's tongue (because Jasper our cat often does this!)

Ferdinand the cat is finished!
Here is Charlotte - I used some pretty Vintage fabric for the body, also for her eyes which I hand embroidered with one eye open and one eye shut. I used some shiny and silky fabric for contrasting beak, feet and the wings which I made larger than the template. You can see the construction for the cuckoo is somewhat simpler to sew.
I was hand sewing these Plushies whilst simultaneously watching the European Football Championship on the TV, it was great fun! There is something relaxing about hand sewing, I find.

Assembling Charlotte
This little birdie told me you like handmade things!

Plushies need friends!

* Additional information: This book was originally published in French! Clementine Collinet - Doudous a coudre (see these links: and ) it appears that these versions have more models in them. This might be of interest to you if you know French! :)

Charlotte recommends that you also make a Plushie or two!

Have you ever made a plushie toy before? They are not difficult to make, even without a book, just draw your own template, keep it simple and dig into that vintage fabric stash you have been saving. Leftover scraps are fine, you do not need a lot! Use plain and patterned fabrics for contrast.

Thanks for your time reading this, I do hope you enjoyed this little post. Please feel free to leave me your comments below, I love reading them!


  1. They are a real delight and like you suggested perfect for using vintage scraps. A great book.

    1. Thanks, Lorraine! I bet you must have made some cuddly plushies before, am I right? :) xx

  2. Wat een ontzettend geinige knuffeltjes!! :D

    1. Bedankt, Lizette! ;) Ik vind ze ook heel schattig! xx

  3. Oh, I totally love what you made!! It looks even better than in the book!! Really cute and nice colours too!
    Take care, Sigrid

    1. That's lovely of you to say! I shared it with the author Clementine Collinet on pinterest last night and she loves it! xx

  4. How fun! I love them.

  5. Hi there gorgeous, I've heard of them but never seen them before.
    Great idea for using your scrapes up.


    1. Yes, thanks, you are right, you do not need much fabric to make them! xx

  6. Thank you for providing details of the book that inspired you. Information life that is very useful. I especially like that you made your own adaptations of the pattern to make unique characters.

  7. Thank you for providing details of the book that inspired you. Information life that is very useful. I especially like that you made your own adaptations of the pattern to make unique characters.