Monday, 2 May 2016

Crochet news : My Pittura Cardigan

Hello again,

Well after showing you lots of favourites patterns from just one crochet magazine (check it out here to see all the pictures!), I will let you know which one it is that I have started last weekend...

I am using the Louisa Harding Pittura yarn which is Wool and Bamboo, so soft.
Here is a link where I ordered the yarn from. The colourway is 604, called Kahlo (after the painter Frida Kahlo), it reminded me of a summer meadow with pretty flowers.

Louisa Harding Pittura 601 Klimt - 4ply Knitting Yarn - Louisa Harding - 1
Louisa Harding ; Pittura 604
Last weekend we went to Germany to visit a music festival (as we do every year) and I took my pattern along to get started. This is after roughly an hour's journey crocheting in the car.

I am using a large 5.5mm hook (as indicated in the pattern), though the yarn is different, but similar.

My Pittura Cardigan - first stitches. Having a coffee break in the warm sunshine!
Did you guess the pattern? It is called Winkle Vest by Tracy St. John. Here are the pattern pictures.

I immediately fell in love with this pattern and knew I had to make it. I was intrigued by the construction. You first make one half of the shoulder section, then go back to the centre and make the other half in mirror image. You then continue underneath and crochet downwards to add the body. This is useful because then you can decide how long you want to make it and try it on whilst working on it.

This was quite different from other patterns I had seen and it looked not too difficult. The pattern consists of rows of shells. The only thing that bothered me slightly was the gaping front, I wanted to change that (I added more rows).

Here are finally some more pictures, it is not finished yet, but I am making good progress. Unfortunately the weather here has been so bad lately that I have not been able to make better photos, sorry! The light does not show the colours very well.

Trying on for fit (also wearing my windowpane cowl)

arm holes

centre neck section
front view

side edge view

And here are a few photos from the day when I started the cardigan, it was beautiful spring weather in Germany and the sunshine was warm and lovely. I was admiring the cherry blossom!

And here is just one last photo from our journey back on Sunday afternoon:

We went and visited the IJssalon/Chocolaterie Bellissimo (address: Jan Deckersstraat 57, 5591 HP Heeze, Netherlands) because I mentioned to my partner that we had visited a nice Ice cream café on our way back the year before, and luckily he managed to find it via Google streetview! Hooray! This was the first ice cream of the year, even though it rained, hailed and snowed on our journey back afterwards!

Wish you had been there to taste the ice cream with me!!! :) It was delicious!!!
(I had hazelnut and chocolate, plus cream! What's your favourite?)


  1. The ice-cream sounds and looks delicious and now has me thinking of ice cream, I love all the nut and caramel flavours.

    1. Hi Lorraine! Yes, they are my favourites too! :)

  2. Ah, now I know that I wasn't right with my choice of pattern you began with... ;) But this is defenitely a good choice too (one of the favourites I mentioned)! And how nice that your friend found back the ijssalon! We sure do love icecream, especially Italian. :) I like fruit very much (like mango or melone) or yoghurt with berries. But chocolat is always delicious too :)

    1. Hi Lizette! You came very close indeed! Luckily now is the right weather for ice cream! xx

  3. Hi your shawl is coming on treat. Love the yarn such nice colours.
    I'm crocheting a cardi with flowers on at the moment. I might even finish this one. ( I will ).
    The ice cream question is a easy one .
    I don't like it.
    We should have some nice hot weather this week in England. Hopefully the trees should be in leaf.
    Everything is very late this year.
    Have a good week.

    1. Thanks, Jacky! Good luck with making your crochet cardigan! xx

  4. Tolles Garn und schickes Modell! Vorne weiter geschlossen gefällt es mir auch besser :-). Die Kirschblüte ist ja fantastisch, schöne Bilder! Bzgl. Eis, also ich liiebe es. Und mein Sohn ist da noch "schlimmer" als ich :o). Es muß immer was im Eisfach sein bei uns, meist allerdings Stieleis (oder mal Hörnchen oder Sorbet). Meine Lieblingssorten in der Eisdiele sind Zitrone, Kirsch und Banane :-). Hab einen schönen Tag! LG Nata

    1. Danke Dir, Nata! Das ging mir frueher mit meinen Kindern genauso! xx

  5. Your vest is going to be perfect, that yarn is amazing for that pattern. Glad you trip went well and that ice cream looks divine.

  6. Aha! The Winkle Vest! It is coming along very quickly. I agree with your choice to add extra rows. A gaping front can be very impractical. The yarn looks very soft and warm. This will be a great layering piece for that in-between seasons weather. Good work, Ingrid! :-)