Saturday, 30 May 2015

Catch up - Some little sewing projects: A Cat Keyring, a Bird Plushy Brooch and Jewellery Bags

Hello everyone,

I promised you some catch up posts. Here is one of them. This time I am going to show you some little sewing projects I did not long ago.

I love reading La Maison Victor, it is a sewing magazine that gets published in Dutch. Their website is here! Even if you don't understand Dutch, you might find it enjoyable to look at their colourful and inspiring projects on their website.

They also publish the odd little book and recently I bought this one from them:
22 Easy sewing projects book.

It has a lot of small cute projects! Upon first glance there were two of them that I knew immediately that I wanted to make them.

This is the first one, a little Plushy Cat as a keyring.

My finished Cat Keyring from La Maison Victor - Ta-Dah!!!

Here is how I made it:

Book diagram and cutting out fabric
Handstitching the eyes
Using real wool felt
Sewing the body
I didn't add a pompom nose but decided to add a tail
Here is my finished Cat Plushy Keyring compared to the book

And here is my next project : A bird plushy made as a brooch. 

The book showed these birds as a mobile. I thought they were so cute with the handstitched eyes and I wanted to wear one! I added one of my handmade flowers as an embellishment! The fabric is from Veritas.

Jewellery Bags

And last, not least, here are two little jewellery bags I whipped up on Tuesday afternoon before going to my last Dutch lesson in the evening. These were given as gifts to my lovely Teachers!

I took 2 fabric rectangles, sewed a hollow seam for the drawstrings, then sewed them together as little bags. I added crochet cotton for the drawstrings in 2 contrasting colours.

The necklaces inside were also part of the gifts!

I enjoyed making these little projects. Do you have a favourite quick sewing project?

Feel free to leave me your comment, it thrills me to read them!

Have a creative weekend! Here the sun is shining and I will be going to a sewing workshop later at the Kringwinkel (charity shop) where they want to show how to upcycle clothes! Can't wait!


  1. What a cute little cat and bird. Really cute :-).


    1. Hi Emily! Hope you're enjoying your sunday! Thanks for your comments! :) xx

  2. What super little makes, ideal gifts. I love to make washcloths and add a soap for a quick make for gift.

    1. Thank you, Lorraine! I really must give washcloths a go, too! :) xx

  3. What lovely projects and gifts!!! So kind of you to give gifts to your teachers!! I love the little bird brooch!! xx

    1. Hi Amy, glad you like the little projects! :) xx

  4. Very cute. I will have a look at your Dutch link. I'm keen to find out what you learn at the Kringwinkel workshop. Who will learn more - you from them or they from you? Have fun! :-)

    1. Hey Jodie, the workshop was a lot of fun! And I put my skills to the test!!! The teacher was very good, she gave me a lot of advice and practical help. I will blog about it soon! xx

  5. Darling little projects, all three of them. I think the bird is my favorite.

    1. Hello Amalia! It's hard to decide, isn't it? ;) xx

  6. Ahh wat een ontzettend cute katje! Veel leuker met jouw neusje (en die staart) dan het origineel in het boek. :)

  7. Ja Lizette, het is leuk om het zelf te personaliseeren! :) xx

  8. Thank you for sharing at my link up in week 25,
    you are welcome to share again now :o)