Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My new cosy Alpaca Jumper Dress, some new Granny Squares in the making, a Craft Fair and Cats!

Hello my dear blogfriends!

It really is high time for another blog entry! I don't know about you all, but hasn't February almost flown by?

First a little glimpse of something Crochet related:

Crochet me a Rainbow!!!

I find that seeing a whole rainbow of colours together like this always makes my heart happy!!!!

But first let me reveal my latest finished project:

My new cosy Alpaca Jumper Dress

Yes, I finished it late on Friday night and wore it the same night as we left for another quick weekend visit to England! I always wanted a supercosy baggy big jumper and Alpaca is absolutely the best for this! I used Drops Alpaca Boucle (which I had used before) and knitted double on large needles (9mm). I knitted it in the round, up to the armholes, then back and forth. I knitted both sleeves together (flat). At the end I had to add the collar, the cuffs and I also added a rib to the hem (as an afterthought).

Knitting the sleeves side by side
The main part of the jumper is done!
Yes, it is really long, more of a dress than jumper alone!!! The length from back of the neck to the hem is roughly 1.10 m long, so it goes to my knees (I'm 1.80m tall). I also added pockets which I really like! I began knitting on the 03.02.15 and it was finished on the 20.02.15. It helped that I cut down on internet time greatly (apologies if I haven't read your latest blog post as yet, I got some catching up to do!)

Wearing my new Jumper in England!!!

Happy as an Alpaca!
New Granny Squares in the making

As a travel project I decided to pack my Scheepjeswol Stone Washed yarn and hook up some granny squares! Here we were driving (in the rain) along the M1.

Crochet in the car in England
My kind of fun: coffee and crochet
Happy yarncakes
Stack of pancakes, anyone?
Granny Squares Galore!!!

I'm thinking of making a new bag from my squares, but first I need to make a pile more!

Hobby Salon Exhibition in Antwerp 20.02.15

Before our travel, I spent the friday afternoon visiting the Hobbysalon (Craft Fair Exhibition) which was held in Antwerp this time. (I also wrote about the previous one in Hasselt where I went last Autumn).

Again, there were plenty of stands with supplies for all sorts of hobbies. Here are some photo impressions from the fair:

Tiny Seedbeads
Shadowbox Display
Masking Tape
Crochet Weheels
A giant Quilt hanging from the ceiling
I love this embroidery sampler
VW campervan made from felt

And here are some things I bought this time:

Pretty yarn and seedbeads

Ergonomic crochet hooks - these are great!!!
I'm already using my new hooks!

Cats rule the Internets

Here some little snaps from our cats!

Sleepy Twinkle
Jasper keeping me company
Thanks for your patience and reading this far! I love your visits and like to hear what you think, so please leave me a little comment or two. It brightens my day!!!


  1. Hi Ingrid, your new jumper is gorgeous! I wish I could knit. It looks soft and warm and comfortable. Congratulations! And it is nice seeing you using your hooking needle again. Such nice colours. Hope you enjoy your trip to England! Hugs, Viola

    1. Hello Viola! Thanks for your kind comments! Sadly our visit is already over, it was just over the weekend! However I managed to pick up more crochet magazines, hooray!!! New inspiration! Hope you are getting better!!! Hugs, xx

  2. I truly love your granny squares, due to the yarn of my dreams. When I one day visit my friend in Zwolle I need an extra suitcase! The sweather looks so cozy and warm. It must be pure joy to wear! I have a link up today, do share something lovely :o)

    1. Hello Monica! Yes, the Stonewashed is wonderful to work with. I've heard that Scheepjeswol are bringing out some new yarns, one called Denim and one called Bloom. I hope they will start selling it soon!!! The jumper dress is just so cosy, like a warm coccoon! Sorry I missed your link up this time, I didn't get the chance! :( I love all your latest new designs!!! :) xx

  3. I really love your jumper dress. It looks so cosy and comfortable. Your granny squares are gorgeous too. So many lovely things to show us. I'm thinking of getting new crochet hooks but not sure what type to get.

    1. Hi Gillian! Regarding the crochet hooks, I would highly recommend these ones I bought, the make is called OPRY. They got soft ergonomic rubber handles. Check this out: - they are exactly the same! (However I paid Euro 15 for mine and in Holland they retail for about Euro 17!!) I'd say, snap these up!!
      I got the Knit pro Waves before and was disappointed, the hooks are too short.

      Hope you might find this helpful!!! Let me know what you got! Good luck!! :) xx

  4. Love, love your jumper! Glad you were able to let us see you wearing it. It looks great on you. Your blanket is really coming along, love it too. Really enjoyed seeing your kitties! So sweet.

    1. Hi Pammy Sue! Thanks for your sweet comments! I read about your first steps with knitting! I'm so pleased for you, and believe me, it does get easier after a while. Everything is practice! You are absolutely brilliant with making complicated doilies, something I don't think I ever will be able to, so I truly admire your skills!!! :) xx

  5. The colours look beautiful. What yarn did you use for the Rainbow. So nice. Have a nice evening.

    Lovely greetings,

    1. Hi Emily!! The yarn is Scheepjeswol Stone Washed. you can find it here: . The granny squares in my blog background are also made from the same yarn! :) xx

  6. Great jumper, can't believe how quickly you knitted that one up. Looks lovely and cosy. Can't wait to see what you make with the granny squares.

    1. Thank you!! Well for once I really concentrated entirely on one project only and cut down on anything else, such as internet browsing! Mind you, knitting with larger needles sure helps to make fast progress (I used 9mm). Keep checking back, I'm still busy working on the granny squares and hope to show my finished item as soon as I can! :) xx

  7. Your jumper looks very cosy! I like the way you have accessorised it with a scarf and I can visualise you adapting the look with different scarves since the neutral colour is a good foil for so many colours.
    Thank you for the craft fair pictures. It is always interesting to see how people do fairs in other parts of the world, although crafting is so universal, we have so much in common. :-)
    I can always count on your blog to give me a good dose of colour!
    Happy crafting (and wearing!) xx

    1. Hey Jodie! The reason I wear a scarf is because I hate getting cold round my neck, so you can bet I got scarves in all sorts of colours... ;) The fair/exhibition was interesting, there was lots to see. :) xx

  8. Amazing and incredible things that you saw at the craft exhibition!! I love the yarn that you chose too! xx

    1. Thanks, Amy! I'm always drawn to colourful yarn, it draws me like a magnet, hehehe! :) xx

  9. This dress must be so hot...
    You did a great job.
    And lot of beautiful pics.
    Love the rainbow squares...
    Miss, xx

    1. Thank you, Miss! You are very kind!
      It is keeping me very warm! :) xx

  10. Wow, what a job tot knit such a big jumper! It looks nice on you, well done! The squares look really nice too, i can't wait to see what kind of project it will be when it is finished. I wish you a great weekend.

    1. Hello Lizette! Thank you! :) I am making a bag from granny squares, but it will be quite different from the first bag I made. I'm making good progress! Enjoy your weekend, too! xx

  11. I already adored your works on instagram! I love the grannies and cannot wait to see the finisher product!
    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds )

    1. Thanks, Anne! I'm busy working on it! Have a nice weekend! xx

  12. You look so nice and cosy in your new jumper, Ingrid!

  13. I love the jumper :) And the granny squares are gorgeous, the m1 in the rain is a very familiar sight ;) The fair looks wonderful, and your cats are so cute :)

    1. Thanks for your nice comments, Helen!!! I've just posted an update to the granny squares... take a little look! :) xx

  14. I love this post, so full of amazing things to see. Your jumper is perfect! paired with leggings or tights and boots, wow!