Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Colourful South Bay Shawlette, knitted Moebius Cowl, Queen Anne's Lace Scarf and much more!

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for your many enthusiastic responses about my last post, I loved reading your comments!

Today I have lots of things to share! Hope you are sitting in a nice warm and dry place and have a few moments for reading this!

First, my current WIP - The colourful South Bay Shawlette

I have been working on this every day, currently on my 5th 100g Ball of the colourful Fenna yarn. Here are some progress pictures:

Cleo checks out the Shawl!

I will keep working on it for a bit more! It is still slightly smaller than the SBS that I made with the Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn this summer.

As the rows are getting longer each time, it also takes longer to crochet along the outside. The (current) last row had about 540 stitches! I must have crocheted about 4 rows yesterday!

I probably would have done more, if only I had not started a new project yesterday mid day!

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf (new WIP)

This free pattern was saved in my favourites on ravelry for a long time! Basically it is a long skinny scarf with a curly motif on both sides that gets made in a continuous way, so no awkward joining up and sewing up of pesky ends!

I managed to find a good video which I followed and tested with some Scheepjeswol Stone Washed to see if I could master this pattern.

Here is another (written) pattern link in English.

As explained in the video, the pattern could be adapted with smaller/larger loops and different yarns/hook sizes. It works a treat with variegated yarns in my opinion, if you just look through the over 3000 projects featured on Ravelry!

Have any of you ever tried this out? What did you think?

Trying out the pattern first with Scheepjeswol (left) , then with Fenna (right)
Scarf detail - made with Fenna in a different colourway than the Shawl
29.10.14 Queen Anne's Lace Scarf
Such a lovely pattern!
Yesterday I managed to make 38 motifs which is about 106 cm long so far, I will probably aim to do about 60 motifs (150cm) and then it will be finished!

My finished knitted Moebius Cowl - Ta-Dah!

Moebius Cowl finished 27.10.14

Wearing my new cowl 28.10.14

Sometimes random comments spark interesting results... On Tuesday I went to the cinema to finally see 'Gone Girl' after having devoured the book in March 2014. (You can find out about the film here!)

Well, have you ever knitted in a cinema? (That is what the random remark was about). I can say now that I have! I must have knitted the last 25-30% of the above cowl in a dark cinema whilst watching the above film! It was a dare to myself and I'm happy to say no stitches were dropped (phew!) and the result was equal to my normal knitting standard! (it was also easy enough since it was all garter stitch = knit every row).  And yes, I enjoyed the movie! ;)

When I got home that evening I cast off the stitches and sewed the cowl together in a Moebius loop. (The rectangle scarf before sewing measured about 30cm wide x 100cm long). You can see me wearing it in the above photo, but in fact the cowl is stretchy enough to be worn double and is very warm.

The colours are lighter and darker Turquoise, with some brown and golden Ochre shades for contrast. I used 3x 50g balls of Rico Creative Design Melange Chunky (34) - the same yarn I used recently for my Red Shrug! It is very warm and cosy!

I have already cast on stitches with the same yarn in another colourway for a new cowl! (No photos yet)

'T Arm Schaap Knitting Group 28.10.14

Last night I went to this Knitting Group again and I got a couple of snapshots to show you:

Lots going on at the knitting group!
Crochet Mobile Phone Cover with Mini Granny Squares (by Christine)

My friend Christine (who is very active for this Knitting Group) made this adorable crochet mobile phone cover from Mini Granny Squares! (Thanks for letting me photograph it!)

You can spot Christine on the above photo (second lady on the left, wearing a striped Top). You might also spot my Harlequin blanket on the table towards the back! (Apologies for the bad quality of the 1st photo, lighting wasn't very good!)

Happy Cats!

Here are our 3 cats on the brand new Cat Seats with Scratching posts!

Cleo and Jasper demonstrating their new multistorey appartment!
Jasper in the Penthouse Pad upstairs!
Twinkle, the Invisible Cat (Jasper's brother)


Today I received my parcel from Woolwarehouse in England! I placed the order on Friday, it was despatched on Monday and arrived here in Belgium on Wednesday morning! Fantastic service!!!

Hooray! More Stylecraft yarn for the Harlequin Blanket!
For those of you who are interested, I picked the Attic 24 pack with 17 shades, plus an additional ball of Teal. Hopefully I will have more than enough to complete my Harlequin Blanket! (Looks like I will have to wind a lot of yarn next!)

A few more things...

I also have more ideas buzzing around in my head, things I read on other blogs, that I can't wait to try out!

I was sad to read that some people have decided to take blog breaks for personal reasons, needless to say that their contributions will be missed and that I will be thinking of them! Hopefully they will return soon again.

The weather in Belgium has gotten wet and rainy, much colder now.
Having said this, it was about 20 degrees on Monday afternoon when I came out of the cinema!

Yesterday I discovered that some of my balcony plants have begon flowering anew!
I got some small pink blossoms on the Azalea and also on the Mini Chrysanthemums.
I got Cosmos and Sweetpeas flowering (from the seeds I got of the first flowers!).
Sorry, no photos for now!

Thanks for your patience in reading this! I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to post me your comments!
I am looking forward to find out what you got to say! 


  1. All of your projects are so pretty! I have also had that Queen Ann's scarf pattern saved, but I have never made it. It's a popular pattern and always looks so nice. It's a wonderful gift to give. Your Southbay shawl is just gorgeous. I'm loving all that luscious yarn! I have bought the Lacy Pack before, too. I made a BIG blanket with it with some white mixed in, and also made a bunch of baby dresses. It's a good yarn. Have fun just staring at it! ;)

  2. Hey Pammy Sue! You were quick off the mark! I only just posted!!! ;) You are absolutely right with your comments! I think a good pattern proves itself! The QAL is easier than I thought, especially after looking at the video! Glad you also made something from the same yarn, I can't wait for this blanket to be finished, but I still got a long way to go! hehe, I am surrounded by yarn as we type!!! ;) xx

  3. Hi Ingrid, oh my days you have been busy. LOVE your new project (the Queen Anne scarf) very pretty, delicate and jolly, I will store that in my 'lets do' part of my brain.
    Ha ha knitting in the cinema-Ingrid I struggle knitting in my front room so hats off to you lovely for a mega multi task.
    Aw happy kitties and lovely to meet Twinkle, you spoil your cats as much as I do which is just perfect.
    A big new wool order-it is so exciting when it arrives, glad you got good service from them-I use them too.
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

    1. Hello Helen! Good to hear from you! :) Well, I tend to knit and crochet pretty much anywhere on the move, so the cinema was not that much of a stretch except for the darkness! Also it wasn't too full, so I had plenty of space! Yeah, the kitties have been given a lovely treat with this new stand, I figured that now they will spend more time indoors and at least they can sit and look out of the big window! Twinkle is the invisible cat because he tends to hide when people come! ^^
      Yes, I couldn't believe that it arrived so fast! Enjoy your week, too! xx

  4. You certainly are a very busy lady with so many beautiful projects on the go. A great achievement knitting in the cinema. I love the Queen Anne scarf it is stunning.

    1. Look who's talking!!! ;) (You are making that many things yourself that I think you got some secret elves helping!!! Hehe!!) Thanks so much, Lorraine!!! xx

  5. Wow - that Queen Anne scarf is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Gillian! Thanks, my friend! Please check the video, it really is not that difficult (Wish I had known this sooner!) and crochet along with it! Let me know if you tried it! Good luck! (I'm sure you got some fancy leftover yarn somewhere you could use for this!) xx

  6. You have been very very busy again! :-) The shawl is turning more beautiful with every picture!

    Germany is very cold today. Brrr. Good thing I am working on a new beanie (pattern will be on my blog later this week) which is extra warm.

    Take care

    1. Thanks, Anne! :) A new beanie sounds great, here it is also colder and wetter now! :( Looking forward to reading your next update!!! xx

  7. So many beautiful projects! I have knit in the movies (cinema) and I really enjoy it. The colors in your shawl are so nice and cheerful.

    1. Thank you, Donna! (Now I don't feel like some knit-rebel!!!) ;)
      I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment! You are very kind! :))
      Enjoy your week! xx

  8. Knap werk weeral! En wat een mooi pakket wol!!!! Misschien heb je wat over om de brioche sjaal in 2 kleuren te breien????
    Ben nieuwsgierig naar je plantjes! Want naast handwerk zijn planten en groen mijn 2de passie!!!
    Tot binnenkort!

    1. Dankje, Christine! :) Mischien kan ik een photo maken van de plantjes! Er zijn er niet veel, maar het is een beetje kleur!
      Geniet van jouw weekend! xx

  9. Hi! Die omslagdoek wordt heerlijk kleurrijk met fenns. En ja, de toeren zo lang... Even doorzetten nog tot ie groot genoeg is. Die sjasl van het paars/bruine fenna is ook leuk zeg! Grappig effect. En toe maar: breien in de bioscoop!! :) ik moest er echt om lachen. Fijn dat je geen steken hebt laten vallen! Groetjes

    1. Hahah, gelukig!! Dankje, ik haak er nog verder! Fijn weekend! xx

  10. Fabulous creations,beautiful cowl!!!

    1. Thank you, my friend! Have a nice time! xx

  11. The shawl looks fab! Wow , the colors are amazing. Amd the new wip, the scarf, love the yarn, must look into that. Really like the color shanges. Freezing cold over here, so I enjoy my wool!
    Have a perfect evening.

    1. Hello Monica! Yes, it really will be a rainbow shawl! The Queen Anne's Lace Scarf has been finished already yesterday, it's pretty. Unfortunately that yarn Fenna is only to buy in Wibra shops in Belgium and the Netherlands, and only in very small quantities, hence everybody tries to get their hands on it as soon as possible, because within a short time it is all gone! Happy knitting/crocheting! I better do a bit on my blanket for a change!!! xx

  12. Lovely projects, I especially love the effects of the Queen Anne's lace yarn and pattern! Your new yarn parcel looks so exciting...what a lot of lovely colours!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

    1. Hi Helen, for your comments! Yes, it is amazing how the choice of yarn can affect the end result!
      Last night I used the first colour (Meadow Green) of the new Stylecraft on the next row on my blanket. I just wanted to make sure I definitely got enough to finish it off, since I can't buy it here, so it was best to order a bunch (due to the higher postage costs to Belgium). xx

  13. Oh my goodness you have been so busy. Love the shawl it is coming along nicely and you can never go wrong with the Queen Anne Lace scarf. I have made many and always love the result. As for cinema knitting, I have done my fair share. When I was on a felted bag kick a while ago I knit them in the cinema all the time as it was just straight knitting, around and around.
    Hugs to you and love your new yarn,

    1. Thanks, Meredith! I don't reckon I could have done the same with crochet - the cinema was very dark, hehe!
      If only I had known that the pattern of the QAL scarf was easier than I had anticipated, I would have made one long before. But it's all a learning curve, I know that now I have taken on projects that I wouldn't have been able to tackle a year ago and so on. I'm happy with my little steps and get a nice feeling of achievement when I try something new! Thanks for all your kind encouragement!!! xx

  14. Your new scarf is beautiful, it looks so intricate, you are obviously doing really well with it though. I am amazed that you knitted in the cinema, I crochet in public, but couldn't do it in the dark or while watching a film. You must be a very good knitter indeed. I will be back from my break, just not sure when yet, hopefully things will settle a little and then when I know is what I will be back. At least I am back reading and commenting again so that is an improvement isn't it. xx

    1. Dear Amy, thanks for your kind comments, I appreciate you taking the time! Just take things slowly for a while!
      Like you I follow sooo many blogs (because it thrills me to find out what everybody else is doing/making and to follow how they get on!) Right now I find it impossible to read everything, let alone to comment as well, so something has to give!
      Apart from blogland we also live in the real world with loved ones! We have to deal with ups and downs, daily challenges, things that might not be easy.
      So sometimes reading another blog might be the last thing we can manage, another time it might give us hope and encouragement.
      Everybody needs to follow their own path and do what is right for them at any given time. And nobody else should judge them for it.
      Phew!!! This comment turned out longer than I thought!!!
      Just make enough time for yourself!
      Enjoy your weekend!
      Hugs!!! xx

  15. Such gorgeous projects Ingrid-I really love the way you use colour in all your designs. The Queen Anne lace scarf is exquisite! Lucky cats to have such a great scratching post as well!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Alison xx

  16. That Fenna yarn has just the right colour change intervals for that Queen Anne's Lace motif. Love it when everything just works. : -)
    I have admired that pattern for a while but never did anything about it but your photos have got me thinking...

    1. Thanks, Jodie! Perhaps you should give it a go!?! :) xx

  17. Nice shawl, and the scarf is really awesome !!!

    1. Thanks very much, Loes. Glad you liked them!!! :) xx