Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hello and welcome to my blog - it is open now!


Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry it has taken a while to get it going! There were several reasons for this, one of them my recent trip to England to visit my two oldest grown up daughters who both recently graduated! It was precious to be there with the whole family and we had a lovely time together.

Another reason is the fact that I just love creating stuff so much, that I just carry on and don't seem to stop! Sometimes this can be counterproductive when trying to achieve other things!

It seems only a short while ago since I even started reading other people's blogs on a regular basis. And more recently still, that I started to comment! This blogging business can be scary stuff!

I am completely in awe of everyone who creates and loves to share what they do. I love looking at photos of new projects or pretty things including nature.

I want to be more involved on a personal level by contributing ideas, comments and sharing things that are important to me, but of course, I would love to hear from you all reading this blog! If you find something interesting, please don't be shy, but say so. Got any useful tips or hints (about blogging or crafting)? - let me know.

To start, here are some glimpses of recent projects: (more about these to follow)

In front of me now on my table

Doodling with yarn yesterday morning

Finished sewing up the ends of this Baby Blanket last night

It is ready! My new Crochet Bag (also completed yesterday)

Another little 'doodle' (done during the night when I could not sleep!)

Last not least I also want to make this a record of the many things that I have been making in the hope it will be useful!

So please be patient with me, as I am learning to blog! We all have to start at the beginning somewhere.

Please respect my ownership of  the photos and ideas etc that I am using. If you see something you like, please kindly link back to my blog here and let me know about it.

I declare this blog open now! Feel free to comment! And thank you for following me!


  1. Hi Ingrid,

    I am very honoured to be your first guest on your freshly opened blog.

    Thank you for your nice comment at my blog (the dachshund). How nice that you have one yourself.
    And 3 cats as well. I am dying to see them. Can you post a picture of your darlings?
    I see that you are living in Belgium now, so it is time to learn Dutch. Of course I understand English (studied it) but if you would like to practise your Dutch, feel free to post your comments in our language.
    with or without mistakes :)

    Where abouts do you live? In the French part of Belgium or in the Flemish part?

    I love your granny bag. The colours are so sweet. It looks candy like.
    What did you put inside to make it so sturdy (firm)?

    since I like everyting you posted, and since we have so many things in common (my daughter also graduated in London last september) I am going to become your follower.


    1. Oh!
      I forgot two things:

      1) My daughter has been dating a German boy friend for over a year now, so she speaks German Fluently :)

      2) Could you please turn of the recognition by the computer when posting a comment. It makes blogging a lot easier.

    2. Hi Brigitte,

      Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the first posts, I am honoured!

      Oh, where to start?

      Firstly, I will stick to English on this blog, so that other people can follow the conversation here. However, I will give my Dutch a go on your page, ok? :)

      I am living outside of Antwerp, the bus journey (one way) usually takes 40 mins to the centre. Plenty of time for crocheting on the bus and or tram. Yeah, that woman is me!! ;)

      Unfortunately both my grandma and the dachshund are no longer with us...

      The cats moved here from England and have gotten used to the fact that we do not have a garden anymore, however, they can climb from the balcony over onto a garage roof and then into the neighbour's garden!

      I will try to write and show more about the bag soon (you might notice that I used photos of the squares as my blog background), I have in fact sewn the crochet to an existing jute bag, something that has also cropped up on various Dutch blogs.

      The yarn is Scheepjeswol Stone Washed, my current favourite. I have all 16 colours!!!

      For now I just added photos of the 3 cats to my google+, you can find them there.

      Yes, I remember reading about your daughter! :) Hope both your children are well!

      I am not sure what you mean about turning off the recognition - do you mean the thing with the number? (If so, I believe that is automatic, since I have to do this likewise on other people's blogs! Any tips gratefully received)

      Oh, and if you ever want to email me, I left you my address on your blog...

      Tot straks!

      Ingrid xx

  2. forgot Hilly Hubb.
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    she makes wonderful things.

    P.S. Tried to sign up as a follower but facebook doesn't let me in.

  3. Hello Ingrid, it's lovely to 'meet' you and thank you for your kind message on my latest post:)
    Your crochet work is beautiful and you have finished off your new bag so professionally - I'm loving all your colourways too. Happy crafting,

    1. Hello Joy!

      Thanks for paying me a visit here, and thanks for your compliments, how very kind of you! :)

      I have a deep love for colours, and I like to think that it comes through in what I make.

      This can be sometimes difficult when I go into a wool shop, I am first drawn to a colour on a shelf, without knowing why, and sometimes that feeling is so strong, that I must buy it! Often I pick a whole range of colours together! What to do with it often comes much later! (I realize that this is not a logical way of doing things!)

  4. Hi Ingrid,
    Your new blog is lovely. The bag has turned out really well - such beautiful colours. I see you've used the crocheted squares for the bag as a background for your page. Well done. I know very well how hard it is to stop making things and do something else - like blogging, or reading other's blogs and commenting. Thanks for your comments too on my blog. I only started in May so am still very new to it all. And you're right - the whole blogging thing is quite scary!
    Have fun with your crafting and your blogging, Gillian

    1. Hi Gillian,

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad I can finally invite you back to my little corner here! :)

      I appreciate your comments and encouragement! I didn't know you only started in May! It certainly does not appear that way! I love your photos, the way they tell your stories!

      And you are right, yesterday I got so caught up with the blogging thing that I did much less crochet. Today I'm trying to get a better balance between the two! (Although I probably added a handful of new blogs to my reading list this morning!)

      Btw, a technical question: do you find that this blog page loads up quickly enough? (I have found with some that they have a huge header with tons of photos which slows down loading.... I know mine looks a bit basic right now, but I would hope that it has got it's advantages too?!)

  5. Hi Ingrid, I will follow you! Love your pictures. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. Liefs Lisanne

    1. Hi Lisanne,

      You are so kind, thank you! :) My comments on your blog were long overdue, I felt like a secret stalker reading and never saying anything, hahaha!

      I'm very impressed with your limitless creativity, the way you just follow your inner convictions, which is why I felt very drawn to your blog!

      I also like your great sense of humour!!!

      Enough of the compliments! Better post this quickly and get back to my crochet!

  6. Hello Ingrid! Just popped in through Daisy's blog-I haven't been blogging long myself either. you have some beautiful crochet designs! I love crochet and lots of other crafts too. I am your newest follower. Best wishes Alison xx

    1. Hello Alison!

      Welcome! Thanks for popping by, nice to hear from you! Going to check out your blog in a moment!

      Yes, I do other crafts as well, currently crochet is my nonstop favourite, it seems. The last time I knitted must have been about 4 months ago! A summer of crochet... well, for one thing, using cotton is much easier to cope with in this heat!

      Thanks for the compliments! xx

  7. Hij there! I'm going tot follow you, i am curious about everything hou are ging tot show us here. :) ik heb zelf geen blog maar post wel regelmatig iets van mijn haakwerk op google+, dus ik ga je daar ook toevoegen. Groetjes!

    1. Hi Lizette,

      thanks for adding me! How nice of you to leave me a message here! To be honest, I have not been using google+ that much so far, probably due to a lack of time. However, please feel free to leave a shout here!

      Are there any good wool shops where you live?

      What are you making now?

  8. Congratulation on your first blog post! I look forward to following along :-)

  9. Hello Bec,

    Thanks for your lovely comments! Do you have a blog as well? What do you like making?

    Enjoy your week ahead!
    Ingrid xx

  10. Mooi, ga je volgen via bloglovin, wee vrij om mijn blog te komen bezoeken...
    Groetjes Sofie

    1. Hello Sofie,

      thanks for your visit! :) Yes, I have already been following your blog for a little while, it's lovely!

      Have a nice week!
      |Ingrid xx

  11. G'day Ingrid,
    Glad to see your blog is up and running. Blogging opened up a new world of crochet and crafts to me and I am sure you will find the same. All the best with your blogging adventure. I look forward to enjoying your beautiful creations.
    Cheers, Jodie

    1. Hi Jodie,
      Thanks for your comments! You will see that I replied on my latest post (about the shawls). xx